8 Tasty Dimsum Spots in San Francisco

Dim sum is traditionally eaten for breakfast or lunch, and is an Asian buffet style picking of several small plates to share and enjoy, or pig out solo! Coming from Cantonese cuisine, some of the favorite dim sum spots are in San Francisco, which has the highest percentage of Chinese Americans in America. Here are our top favorites!

China Live 
A more contemporary dim sum haven in Chinatown with an impeccable interior design in a massive space. Dongbei vegetarian popstickers, mandarin pancakes and water dumplings, this is everything tasty and gastronomical you could ask for.

Dragon Beaux
Dragon Beaux elevates the dim sum experience with a hot pot menu, roasted duck burritos, and an homage to local favorites like the Five Guys Xiao Long Bao, spinach skin and kale dumplings, an egg yolk lava bun, and the colorful xiao long bao (soup dumplings) made using natural ingredients: natural flour (white), beets (red), squid ink (black), spinach (green), and turmeric (yellow).

Dumpling Time
By SF's Omakase Restaurant Group, SOMA's Dumpling Time goes contemporary with its dumplings, which when open for indoor dining, is cooked in a glass enclosed dumpling room. Think of it as a dumpling wonderland with har gow (steamed), bao (steamed buns), and more, often paired with craft beer. 

Good Luck Dimsum
A hole in the wall with a long line, which guarantees that the dim sum is delicious! A no frills takeout, most order and hit up Presidio or Golden Gate Park for a picnic. The house specialties include shrimp dumplinks and the pork siu mai, the the sweet dessert tarts are the perfect sunshine treat too! 

Great Eastern Restaurant
The claim to fame? Former President Obama ate here in 2012! With over 100 dim sum items to choose from, there is everything from a baked octopus to steamed fish balls to a water chestnut cake, from a very large and colorful menu that is guaranteed to satisfy.   

Hong Kong Lounge
A famous, massive Chinese dim sum spot touted to be one of the most authentic outside of China! With traditional taro cakes, sticky rice in lotus leaf and baked pork buns, there are the Instagram-able pig faced dumplings called the custard piglet buns, and other colorful or textured dumplings, like the walnut red bean bun and purple yam bun.

Palette Tea House
Al fresco dining in Ghirardelli Square with Palette's new offerings, such as the Singaporean prawns and Shan Dong chicken wings, all served in compostable boxes.

Yank Sing
A mix of traditional and contemporary dim sum offerings that are served from mobile carts! Try the phoenix tailed shrimp, lettuce cups, chicken turnovers, spinach dumplings, and the tasty flakey egg tarts for dessert!

Dim sum
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