5 Natural Wonders You Must See Now

"Travel is still the most intense mode of learning." - Kevin Kelly

The world is an enigma. Unique landscapes formed from volcanic eruptions to fresh deposits of calcium carbonate, find out why these intense places should be at the top of your hit list. Don't forget to always have your cameras ready to shoot hundreds of photos at each of these destinations. And check them out now, before they disappear as time goes on.

The Wave, Utah
We were ecstatic to find ourselves huffing and puffing just to see one of the great wonders of the world, The Wave, in Coyote Buttes, South Utah. You can only get a permit through a lottery so we were one of the lucky ones to be selected during the walk-in lottery- the probability of winning was about 5% based on how many other applicants there were. Lucky really is an understatement since only less than 20 hikers are given permits per day. It took my partner-in-crime, Sourabh, and I a total of 6 hours just to the hike in and out of The Wave. Regularly, it takes 4 hours, but because we got lost going out (it has no signs to get you out and no lights when the sun sets), we were frantically trying to check out every "saddle" that leads downhill.  We had 2 hours before sun would start to set, and thank goodness, we were able to find our way out and cross the large sand wash to the parking lot.

Cotton Castle, Turkey
Pamukkale's terraces are made of travertine, a sedimentary rock deposited by water from the hot springs. Don't forget to bring your swimming attire because you can soak in the spring waters.

The Great Sagarmatha, aka The Mount Everest, Nepal
Just like The Wave, many people have died trekking the Mount Everest. However, not many know that the easiest way to see the Great Sagarmatha is to take a 1 hour mini-flight that also shows you the Himalayan ranges up close.

Antelope Canyon, Paige, Arizona
I endured a solo 10-hr drive just to see the Antelope Canyon from Phoenix. It wasn't as exclusive or grand as The Wave, but the canyon slot is definitely one spot that you must visit once in a lifetime. Because the lighting changes, get ready to manually adjust the settings of your camera to get a good, steady shot.

The Aurora Borealis, Iceland
 It's cold. It's dark outside. But be patient and you will be rewarded with the 360 degree showcase of dancing lights. The only reason why I agreed to a vacation in a cold country is just for the amazing Aurora Borealis. I was able to see a spectacular show during my third try because, as they say, the third time is always a charm. However, no professional photography/video gear can really capture this breathtaking moment... you got to see it to believe it for yourself.

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