Stepping Outside London: 24 Hours in York

The quaint town of Yorkshire, 2.5 hours away from London, is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Before you go, check the weather first. It can be fickle in this part of town. With medieval fortresses and well-manicured gardens, here are the must visits when you are at York.

1. York Minster 
You can't miss this magnificent church from the train station. Its massive facade is a photographer's delight. Don't forget to walk around the surroundings. Behind the church are exquisite gardens that make every landscape designers swoon.
Impressive facade of the York Minster
At the side of the church
One of our discoveries while peeping through the back of the church
2. Fortress Walls 
York is surrounded by a fortress also known as the Gateway to Roman Fortress. The most fun experience about trekking on the fortress is getting a good view of all the historical houses and, once again, well-manicured gardens.
I want this garden. Don't you?
3. Betty's
This is a high tea institution in Yorkshire that can't be missed. Please do yourself a favor and slather those buttery, flaky scones with clotted cheese. Then, you can walk off those calories to your next stop.
Yummy scones!
High tea service

4. The Shambles
Once you're in the historical district, you can't miss The Shambles, York's most famous street lined with timber-framed buildings housing boutique shops and restaurants.
The Shambles
Walking The Shambles
Reminds me of German architecture
5. York Castle
At the edge of the historical district stands York Castle. On one side is the York Castle Museum, while on the other is the Tower, which is a fortified complex.

The Clifford Tower
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