Say Splash! 10 of the Hottest Pools in Los Angeles

When in Los Angeles, not being at an iconic poolside can be the loss of a lifetime. Pools are not just for laps and swimming, but are a work of art in LA's incessant sunshine and year-round warm climate. Made for destinations, they are the perfect place to sip a cocktail in a swimsuit and gaze at beautiful people from behind designer sunglasses. Or simply peer at the panoramic views that some can call home, others a dream.

Here are 10 favorites. 

The Altitude at SLS Beverly Hills
Bordered by iconic artwork, this James Stark design pool can get you meals by Jose Andres, scented towels, fruit pops and Evian water mists. There are two temperature operated pools, and the scene is packed by celebrities fleeing from traffic and cozying up in designer swimwear.

The Roof Garden at Peninsula Beverly Hills
A rose scented oasis, this is again more an eatery than a swimming destination. With crowds dressed in designer outerwear and metallic innerwear, you'll find nobody without sunglasses. And everyone is found quietly sipping a wild or exotic fruit smoothie, nibbling on healthy bites and goji berry fruits, and drinking iced water muddled with fruit. Health and wealth, as they say.

Tropicana Bar and Pool at the Hollywood Roosevelt
An iconic spot in Hollywood, this one has a full size heated pool. With seasonal pop up shops, guest musicians, a party with inflatable toys and occasional models and celebrities for their after work detox, the bar and pool host several socialites who blend into each other courtesy of humungous sunglasses, and stay till sunset to transform the pool into a wild party.

Upstairs at the Ace Hotel Downtown

A small box of a pool surrounded by pink florets, this is more for nightlife and partying and daytime chilling than swimming. Flocked by a dapper and gorgeous duo of crowds, the pool is designed by Donald Judd, with an all day DJ for tunes to keep your company in even more company.

Wet at the W Hollywood Hotel
The rooftop of W Hollywood offers unmatched views of Los Angeles all the way to the Hollywood sign. In synch with the hotel, it offers a relaxed vibe on weekdays and adult entertainment on weekends with high energy, tongue-in-cheek humor and pricey cocktails.

Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel
The Sky Bar is West Hollywood's staple for models, socialites and upcoming stars, with gorgeous city views and lounge seating. During the daytimes, many business folks come to work and chill, while the soirees are saturated with reflective lighting, DJs and pool parties. Seasonal events and DJs add to keeping it lively and different each time.

The Standard in Downtown LA
Travel and Leisure ranked this as a top 10 pool of the world a few years back, and while it may have been surpassed by swankier pools, it retains an iconic class. A rooftop pool with funky vibrating beds, a cocktail lounge and nighttime movies, it is one that marries both relaxing and partying well.

Backyard at W West Hollywood
Unlike its Hollywood counterpart, this is a fauna and flora outlined pool designed by Thom Filica, with seasonal events, cabanas, cocktail service and a focus on fitness. Celebrity trainer Kit Rich offers seasonal classes like poolside pilates.

Viceroy Santa Monica
A treelined pool with scents from the adjacent beach, the classy and black-and-white tiled pool is amidst the very popular restaurant. With elegant, laid back vibes, bottle service, lounge chairs and cabanas, it is one which believes in conversations with the city's finest.

Aqua Star Pool of the The Beverly Hilton
Home to the stars, this is the pool that has featured many stars and starlets in their sumptuous swimsuits. Bathed by celebrities after the Golden Globes, it is an outdoor oasis designed by Estee Stanley and is the epitome of 'seen to be seen'.

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