Do's & Don'ts When Exploring NYC

New York, New York! Sinatra certainly knew what’s up, even long before NYC became the cultural and entertainment center of the world it is today. Nowadays, the Big Apple is home to thousands upon thousands of delicious tourist attractions, and host to millions of visitors from all over the world.

Some, in search of fame and fortune, while others, well, they are just looking for the time of their lives. And there is no better place for an adventure of a lifetime than in the city that never sleeps. So, here are the do’s and don’ts when exploring New York.

Don’t rent a car

If you plan on riding around, better rent a limo. Otherwise, there’s no need to add fuel to the fire that is NYC’s insane traffic system. The city is an elaborate, intricate, and rapidly expanding system of avenues, streets and alleyways you as a first-time visitor are not skilled to navigate on your own.

Instead, use the city’s elaborate and comprehensive public transportation system. The subway will get you anywhere you need to go in no time. If not, there are plenty of affordable limo services just waiting to cater to your every wish all day long.

Do walk around


That said, NYC is not a city to be explored from a back seat of a sedan - rather it is a living, breathing organism fueled by passion, culture, excitement and naturally, the tales and trails of your most iconic celebrities.

So, why drive when you can ride, why ride when you can walk? Walking down the streets of Manhattan, or through Central Park is an experience on its own, so soak in the city’s timeless charm, and breathe in the concrete jungle.

Don’t stay in Times Square

You might be tempted to book your stay here, but you won’t be able to live with the noise. Not only that, but Times Square is so iconic, that it’s best to pay it a visit and take few selfies on your way to Central Park or the East Village, and avoid the crowds as much as you can.

Do explore every nook and cranny

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While you could spend a lifetime exploring the intricacies of Manhattan, you should also take a step into other iconic boroughs such as Brooklyn and Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. So, venture out of your comfort zone a bit and go on an affordable shopping spree in Brooklyn, or meander around Queens, visiting the New York Hall of Science or the Museum of the Moving Image - just grab your smartphone and head on your quest to discover NYC in all its intricate glory.

Don’t skip out on the nightlife

Now this is where the city that never sleeps truly shines. When in New York, there is no shortage of wild adventures waiting to be discovered and used to create lifelong memories. While all your standard tourist attractions are still there, competing for your love and affection, you want to look beyond them into the never-ending landscape of possibilities.

The NYC nightlife can be quite expensive and more importantly, completely booked for months in advance. That’s is why finding the best DMC New York programs and tailoring them to your preferences is essential if you want to get into the best parties, from luxurious rooftops overlooking Manhattan to underground events reserved only for celebrities and, in case you planned ahead, you.

Do pick the right season

season's in New York

Walking around in NYC in the winter is no joke. You want to pick the right season for your trip and typically, that can be anything from May to October, when the weather is warm and dry, and the city is vibrant and full of life.

The hottest months - June, July and August - boast a pleasant average of 25°C with plenty of sunshine - perfect for exploring the city during the day and partying in casual wear until the morning light. If you do opt to go during the winter months, expect heavy snow with an average of 2°C in January - although the city’s chilly winter charm more than makes up for the freezing weather.

Did you know that if you were to dine out in a different restaurant every night in NYC, it would take you fifty-four years to visit each one? New York is the cultural epicenter of the world, and although you are bound to return to this vibrant city more than once, you can use this essential first-timer’s guide to turn your trip into an adventure of a lifetime.

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