13 Bubbly Spots for Bubble Tea in San Francisco

If you think bubble teas are a thing of the past, then we're happy to say they're not! Gone are the days that boba pearls were the only option as an add-on or common flavors are the only ones available on the menu. The renaissance of these well beloved, flavored teas have evolved over the years, leading the way are some boba purveyors who have set themselves apart by brewing teas fresh when ordered rather than the old way of using flavored syrups or powder. Other alternatives that cater to health-obsessed citizens, including non-dairy drinks, fresh pressed juices, or if you're not in the mood for a drink, rolled ice cream. Intriguing ingredients, such as activated charcoal, are helping these new-breed shops reinvigorate the love for boba teas especially in San Francisco.

A favorite of young professionals in the Financial District for a quick pick-me-up during work hours or for meetings.

Quality drinks made with organic loose leaf tea, organic Straus Creamery milk, real fruit, pure cane sugar, and of course the signature and unique black sugar boba! (add ons include crystal boba, too).

Boba Bunni

Premium loose-leaf teas with housemade organic cane sugar syrup and real fruit, the focus is on fresh and real ingredients. Boba Bunni also focuses on reducing waste and environmentalism through their practices for a conscious customer.

Boba Guys

Redefining what it means to be a boba shop, Boba Guys have done everything right since they first offered their small store in the Mission district. Now with a bigger location in Hayes Valley, the Boba Guys even publish their own lookbook complete with their classic and seasonal drinks! They've even expanded their boba craft to include teas called Tea People for the most discerning tea connoisseurs.

matcha boba

Brew Cha

The Original Taro Ube Boba served here! Dedicated to the love of boba, there's a variety of flavors (and colors) to choose from. Besides the signature (purple) taro ube boba, or favorites are the thai tea (orange) and black sugar (white), all for colorful companions to sip on.

Be happy! Happy Lemon is known for its "cheese tea," made with a layer of creamy, salted foam atop the tea. For classic enthusiasts, there are the standard options: milk tea, fruit tea and smoothies, with or without boba. 

Little Sweet

Founded in 2012, Little Sweet is a local American brand with Taiwan's original taste of pearl milk tea and is a fashion innovation. Try the cheese tea, a fun innovative take on bubbles with a sip of savory.

If boba teas in a lightbulb are a thing of the past, Plentea's glass bottle milk teas are here to stay. Take note that San Francisco is after all a city full of organic and recycling loyalists. If you buy one, keep it with you or bring it on your next Plentea run for a discount.

The Kow’s smooth milk teas are supplemented with sweet things like chocolate, caramel and egg puddings, or the funkier grass jelly, aloe and boba. Our pick is the D3: iced milk tea with caramel pudding and boba.

The most authentic Boba Tea brand from Taiwan! Sharetea's 'Boba' Bubble Tea is made from high quality tea leaves and selected ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan. Over 50 regular Boba tea menu such as milk tea, fruit tea, smoothie or hot beverages.

Steep seems to be a common term in the boba industry because tea leaves are steeped in hot water before serving it to you, but don't be fooled. This is a different tea place than the one mentioned above. The freshly brewed early grey milk tea is a Dot & Pin favorite, but if you'd had enough of boba tea for the day, why not try a matcha Thai-style rolled ice cream instead.

milk tea

Fresh brewed premium loose leaf tea and the best honey boba.⁣ Customize your drink by choosing a tea, flavoring, and sweetness level and there's so, so many flavors to choose from from green apple to rose! Their hot seller is honey boba but for the adventurous, try "popping boba"—tapioca filled with fruity syrup.

Home of the Original Creme Brulee Boba. Founded in the heart of San Francisco, Urban Ritual is an American brand that aims to bring unity. They only use loose leaf tea, all natural, quality ingredients, and house made syrups from scratch.

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