Why Messaging and Chatbots are Changing the Game

To think it all started from texting! Digital assistants have been a rage for years with the start of Siri on the iPhone. They aid with day-to-day tasks and act as a concierge service, virtual therapist, and everything in between. While marketers have noticed that conversations drive marketing, Facebook noticed that 20 million out of 70 million brand pages actively respond to consumer messages.

The truth is, everyone loves messaging. It is an easy way of interacting with brands via social apps. While some companies and brands respond so quickly that mistakes can be made or freeze to prevent speed, chatbots come to the rescue especially with Facebook Messenger and similar platforms. They allow one to interact quickly in a way that feels personal, sounds like a brand voice, and gets personalized content directly to users.

Souce: SAP

While this can help our daily lives and routines so much, have you ever wondered what this can do for travel? When on the go, whether it's a night out in your city or a trip to a new destination, having someone on the other end of a message can be a life saver.

Did you know there are 100,000 monthly active bots on Facebook messenger, with 2 billion messages exchanged between users and brands? This is why we at Dot & Pin have enabled Facebook Messenger to drive you to a concierge that can take care of all of your last mile needs. Try it out, with one month free!

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