What are the benefits of using a ChatBot?

75% of internet users use messenger platforms as of 2018, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, amongst others. While it seems like a futuristic notion, the era of Chatbots is here to make it seamless for businesses like Dot & Pin to make communications seamless.

Anytime accessibility is a major perk of using ChatBots, at least for the introductory and basic questions, along with several progressive steps. Users no longer have to wait in queues and often, basic questions can already be answered.

Alternate to Sales and Business
Chatbots are online 24/7, and since customers prefer texting to calling, the dominance ensures that business can continue to operate in off hours when common queries can be answered easily.

A Personal Assistant
With customization, a bot like the one on Dot & Pin can suggest and advise on things, including travel recommendations. With memory of remembering what has been done or places that have been visited, the personal assistant is handy for frequent travelers.

Capacity, Automation and Cost Effectiveness
The instant response also improves brand responsiveness, and reduces the need for a large handling capacity. The automation, once set at the onset, can repeat automated and common tasks, thus driving efficiency. Not to mention, this is also relatively cost effective for businesses versus hiring more humans for simpler queries.

Customer Satisfaction
While an average messenger chat with a business is 7 minutes, those that are under this can often be answered by a Chatbot itself, which can be 'trained' to answer common questions with a myriad of options. Plus, using previous knowledge per customer and having response options for common questions ensure that the communication with customers is smooth.

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