Curating the Best Travel Hacks for an Entrepreneur

Of the many exciting and challenging elements of being an entrepreneur, one of the things involved is figuring out how to get the most out of your business travels. Here are some travel hacks catered for new business owners so that you can enjoy long-term savings and tax deductibles.

1. Chase Sapphire Reserve - This might not be under the business credit card category, but Reserve is the most powerful of the lot in travel. They have lowered their bonus points to 50k currently, but with 3x points in travel, which includes your Uber/Lyft ride, 1.5x travel redemption, Global Entry/TSA Pre-check fee credit, no-annual fee on your first year and an excellent customer support service that goes above and beyond to solve many concerns, what's not to love? The closest competitor is AMEX, but with many international establishments refusing to take AMEX, Reserve wins hands down.

2. Skyscanner - Being an entrepreneur means that you're not shackled to traditional corporate travel agencies. However, personally scouring the internet can also take up time. Compared to Momondo or Google Trips, Skyscanner has long been a preferred travel comparison site both for personal and business purposes because it sources from even the most unknown websites, which are reliable and have add-on options if your business travel needs to be more flexible.

3. Ebates - In combination with Skyscanner, you must have Ebates. It offers cashback on the most popular sites, such as Expedia, Orbitz, etc. as well the obscure ones. Its Chrome extension detects whether the website you're on is part of the Ebates program and also works on numerous non-travel related sites.

4. Airbnb - If you haven't booked an Airbnb yet, you are missing a lot. Here's $40 that you can use for your first Airbnb booking. In the past year, Airbnb has focused on identifying more business travel-friendly properties so that you never have to triple check if your host will provide a strong wifi as well as those that fit for employee retreats.

5. Real-time Business Travel Concierge - You'll find that Airbnb offers many benefits but lacks a hotel concierge. You can now connect to one via Dot & Pin's business travel concierge when traveling in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles on Facebook messenger to receive real-time, personalized recommendations for restaurants, entertainment and relaxation, so you can have more time to prepare for client and investor meetings instead of skimming through, for instance, many restaurants that are tourist traps.

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