5 Intense Alternative Workout Options in New York

Staying fit is both a personal choice as well as a societal demand, especially in the city of haute, New York. If your morning runs and daily gym routines are getting tiresome, or you're in town for a quick trip, check out these fitness options that can literally give a jolt to your fitness routine.

Rumble Boxing
With a couple of locations and a free class with a membership or trial, this boxing gym focuses on working out your core, hardcore.

Pure Yoga
A high end studio founded by tennis stars Colin Grant and Bruce Rockowitz, and offers various styles and yoga classes, alongside an indulgent spa style dressing room and lounge.

Refine Method 
Founded by former New York City Ballet dancer Brynn Jinnett, this fitness program gives you a slick body with a unique pulley system that targets many muscle groups. If you are in town or live in New York, the four class pack is more economical than a single class.

If you own a Peloton bike, you can live stream classes from the basement studio! Else try a class out, or several. A pretty mirrored studio with 60 bikes, followed with a spa style locker room with luxurious skin care, complimentary brew and fruit, and a lounge to relax in.

You can opt for single or multiple sessions, or buy an unlimited membership that offers access to other NYSC clubs too. Owned by New York Sports Clubs, this gym studio tracks your body's essential measurements with a specific body scan, working with you on FX Barre and Box & Bell classes and vigorous fitness exercises.

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