8 Ways To Eat a Rainbow For Pride in Los Angeles

Pride is just an extension of the Black History Month, a good reminder to give ourselves when Juneteenth falls in Pride Month. While events are cancelled in 2020, here are 8 spots to eat tasty rainbow (or unicorn!) themed foods in La La Land. Eat a rainbow, be happy!

Waking up every day is just more fun when breakfast includes a unicorn bagel! 

A hilarious name is just the start from breakfast through dinner.  Baked goods, specialty coffee, craft cocktails and delicious bites and a signature rainbow burst latte, customized per person!

This beachy perch serving fresh juices and tasty bites to the surf crowd. Who can say no to a cheesey rainbow grilled cheese? Giving stretches a whole new meaning.

Unicorns eat pizza, who knew? Serving slices of California favorites, but for Pride and beyond, we'll always pick the unicorn pizza.

A family feel, 24 hour cafe serving homestyle doughnuts, coffees and desserts, often with a surprisingly inventive and colorful flair! 

Happy, nice, and home of the rainbow rocket. An ultra-premium water-ice product, made from a secret recipe from Philadelphia with an artistic LA twist! Obviously, get the rainbow rocket.

If the cute characters that change all the time don't grab your heart, go for a fruity pebbles cereal macaroon for a cute little rainbow for your mouth!

What's the secret? POTATO flour donuts. Can't go wrong with their mermaids, unicorns, and many mystical creatures... or simply a taste of the rainbow!

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