13 Places to get your Vegan Matcha Latte Fix in LaLaLand

It's not LaLaLand if you haven't dived into the paradise of matcha lattes... and especially not a LosAngelian if you haven't opted for Hollywood style vegan staples. So let's find them both... only in LA.

Tenzo ceremonial matcha made vegan with almond milk and even add ins including extra matcha! This shop knows its coffee, which is why all caffeine addicts need to pick up bags of their locally-roasted coffee beans, too.
Our favorite all in one for all day dining and colorburst lattes also makes their matcha latte super extra, with vegan almond or soy milk, rose petals, and a fun animal hug. Featuring, the teddy bear.
Everyone's favorite shoreside matcha destination, the vegan original has a Matcha Master which is made of high grade matcha green tea powder, hemp milk, and an optional BD Daily Greens Blend for a wellness boost... because, LA.
The Vogue of matcha lattes even sells retail level recyclable cold vegan matcha lattes to go or order online! Their in-store variation has everything from oat to soy to macademia nut to almond milk, with matcha in addition to turmeric, lavender, and other seasonal lattes, with symbolic art for a finishing touch. So, so LA, we love it!
Cafe and surf shop in Santa Monica for the win! Made with premium matcha tea and almond milk, which even pairs well with a vegan burrito or the brekky staple vegan power pancakes!
A market for groceries with a matcha latte or two or three from the tonic bar, with almond, coconut, soy, hemp, or oat milk. The best thing however is their take on the Americano staple with a matcha americano with activated matcha tea and almond milk for those who like it strong and caffeinated! 
As local as it gets for Cali. This vegan-friendly coffee shop makes a Green Eye drink which mixes matcha with espresso for a coffee shot for tea lovers. Other vegan varieties include the golden turmeric latte and nitro cold brew, with milks from soy to oat to almond. 
These vegan cafe flavors are why we go la-la in LaLaLand. With watermelon matcha, lavender matcha lemonade, rosewater matcha, sunrise matcha and more! Pick from their vegan milk varieties like almond, soy, coconut, hemp, cashew, oat, and more... with a massive vegan only menu full of treats. 
This magician and witch themed coffeehouse is Harry Potter inspired. They carry matcha, coffee, vegan milkshakes, pastries and an unmistakeable vibe that mandates capes and wands. 
Your favorite instagrammable coffee bar has vegan matcha lattes that even come in flavors... like a Watermelon Sugar Iced Matcha! Sounds tasty, right? It's made with forest green ceremonial matcha. The seasonal spin on their vegan lattes is incredible, like the kids forever Blended Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte.
Tenzo ceremonial matcha at the forefront, the milk options include an array from soy to oat to almond to make sure you staple accompaniment to an all day dining meal is hearty and quality.
Besides matcha, there's also turmeric, and the entirely plant based favorite has accompaniments like raw chocolate truffles, brownie sundaes, and savory vegan options from smashed avocado toast to cashew cheese nachos. 

Urth Caffe
No list is complete without this iconic Melrose Ave staple, the location that is still our favorite. Check out their comprehensive list of matcha lattes with organic Wazuka matcha, often added to Early Grey tea, with rose petals, and with almond or oat milk.

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