8 Sweet and Spicy Indian HotSpots in New York

From the bustle of Mumbai to the hustle of New York City, contemporary Indian cuisine takes a page out of the traditional notebook and upgrades it to the digital age. There are the traditional favorites, along with contemporary twists that are so alluring they merit repeat visits.

Restaurateur Roni Mazumdar and chef Chintan Pandya bring homestyle cooking to the plate with delectable flavors worth waiting (and traveling) for. From the Lucknow dum briyani to cheese and chili naan, creamy prawn curry to kale pakoda (crispy chickpeas fritters) this is one hearty, tasty bite.

Translating to momma, this is hearty mom's style cooking in the city. From a lunch prix fixe to a hearty a seven-course tasting menu, you'll have everything from spicy and tangy bhel puri street food to crisp fried okra. Plus, don't miss the rosewater lassi!

A bi-level Gramercy hotspot has festive, and colorful decor with vintage Indian artwork and posters. A classic group dining spot with shareable plates, the name translates to chit-chat and conversation in a vibrant atmosphere. Executive chef Gurpreet Singh mixes traditional staples like chicken tikka and saag paneer with Turkish aleppo chili and broiled asparagus. Don't miss the delectable mixology with a whimsical names like the ayurvedic jackass and winnie the pooja. 

A gastronomical hotspot, Indian Accent explores progressive ideas in Indian cuisine while maintaining traditional integrity. Chef Manish Mehrotra reinterprets nostalgic Indian dishes and serves them in a delectable tasting menu, or one of the hottest high end prix fixe lunches in the city.

Eggless ice cream made with little air marries with the founder Pooja Bavishi's South Asian upbringing. So we have with strongly spiced flavors at a food festival vendor-turned-Cobble Hill parlor. From gulab jamun ice cream sandwiches (groundbreaking!) to masala chai, Turkish coffee, carrot gajar halwa, and hibiscus chaat masala are the mouth-watering options you are guaranteed to not find anywhere else. (Except, at their pints available in select grocery stores thanks to this growing business!).

Rahi (meaning traveler) is a journey through India's flavors right from Greenwich Village. A union of Chintan Pandya, an Indian chef with playful artistry, and restaurateur Roni Mazumdar, everything is a gastronomical delight, from the fun cocktails to the artichoke chaat, classic chili cheese toast, the coconut uttapam waffle, to all the hearty and earthy meats, seafoods and more.

Smack center in Theater District is the hotspot by renowned chef Hemant Mathur, who is the first Indian Michelin-Starred chef in America. Besides inventive modern Indian dishes, don't miss the cocktails, especially the Saar Bourbon Sour, or one of the only Indian pre-theatre menus. 

Michelin star in its hat, Tamarind is is white tablecloth and fancy (they only allow children above the age of six) with North Indian food served up tastefully and artistically.  And one of the only spots that serves a high end executive lunch, alongside a host of cocktails, gastronomical desserts and even high tea!

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