10 Spots for Sweet Love Bites in New York

Did you know chocolate is an aphrodisiac? What better way to celebrate the season of love, Valentine's and really any other way to express love than literally licking aphrodisiacs (and succulent sweets and sexy sugars) together? Only in New York, the shortlist for love, the sweet way.

Half pound cookies for the win! For those that like to get straight to solid, powerful taste of love, there's the seasonal stuffed Fresh Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake... but we are still a sucker for their gigantic cookies that hit the spot. Literally.

What says love more than WTF?! Clinton Hall's Valentine's themed Red Velvet WTF Waffle is back for the weekend. The delectable waffle comes with 3 red velvet waffles with vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce, cocoa powder, Oreos, M&Ms, rainbow sprinkles, cream cheese frosting and topped with a slice of red velvet cake. 

This spot will take you back to your childhood as you slurp away on pistachio and nutella flavored scoops of ice cream alongside sundaes, milkshakes and pies. Make the day with custom messages iced onto homemade Valentine’s Day Hearts are filled with vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies. 

From heart cakes with BAE, KISS ME and BE MINE on them in colorful hues, these tiered exploding candy cakes are a welcome treat for any Valentine. 

The cute french bakery will ensure you can fill up an edible chocolate heart gift box with so many options of mini sweets and treats from from mini raspberry rose cookies, passionfruit marshmallow hearts, nougat de montélimar, mini heart oreos, mini dipped nutella brownies, mini cookies, brown butter & raspberry financiers.

It's in the name, and odd means spunky! Creator Sam Mason has the likes of hot fudge poured over Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwiches for a sexy Valentine's night.

Bringing the ambience of a European Patisserie, this dessert parlor has decadent offerings, with the Lily Rose for Valentine's Day (Almond daquoise, Lychee Rose Creme, Whipped Yoghurt, Raspberry, Rose Petals), also available with Valentine's cocktails for an indoor brunch.

The cute cafe has a cyclic variety of great pies by the slice, all made with fresh ingredients. Fun fact, the owner was born in a pie-making family, too! Sweetheart blood orange cheesecake available the week of V-day! 

That classic 1950s handheld snack is back, and how! Valentine’s Day with our limited edition heart ring dings are bursting with hearts and chocolate.

The bakery that was established in 1946 has a legacy of delicious and finely crafted desserts, including the iconic cookies in custom half colors. Sweet shortbread heart cookies hand-dipped in white and dark chocolate, or the classic black and whites, iced in red and pink, for all lovers.

NYC Love Bites
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