13 Sumptuous Bites to Celebrate Love in Chicago

The season of love always comes in the midst of a frosty winter in Chicago. All the more reasons to heat things up, literally. This Valentine's Day, browse our shortlist of desserts, bites, and entire meals that are sure to put you and your lover(s) in the mood. 


Delicious food & flawlessly executed cocktails served without pretense, the time for love starts with a drink. Or two. Or three. What can be better than beautiful cocktails for the day of love?

What smells love better than the sharing of a cheesy pizza? A unique dining experience featuring the one of a kind pizza pot pie! Get ready for a pizza performance with these pizza pot pies that are made grounds up in ramekin and baked with the crust on top. The pie is turned upside down and the fillings slide into the bread bowl, which acts as a golden crispy crust. The favorite part is the lava of sauce and melting cheese! 

There's eccentric specials and there's fusion foods, but our heart is set on one particular mac and cheese pizza, the original found only here. What makes things more LOVEly? Heart shaped pies for Valentine's Day.

Stephanie Izzard's iconic staple is what all lovers crave this time of season. Loaded with sesasonal flavors and chef favorites like scallops and miso, these are both tasty as well as aphrodisiacs that are sure to keep the mood on.

A next gen restaurant and bar with over the top topped hot chocolates and intriguingly made cocktails in whimsical glassware, this is your staple for every holiday. Go get the Cupid's Cacao for Valentine's Day and stroll through the pink themed Candyland.

Maple & Ash
Dinner for 4 from one of Chicago's luxe steakhouses comes with their signature Valentine's meal loaded with aphrodisiacs and decadent dishes. The IDGAF menu has everything you need for the perfect romantic feast in.

The comfort food of pizza, Quad Cities-style pie has a crust made with dark-roasted malt for a slight sweetness. Topped with cheeses and spicy sauces, the pizza is then sliced into strips with scissors, making for a homely, unique, and tasty experience.  The love experience has pizza made to share for two. Two sharing mozzarella sticks can make it, with a mini cheesecake to close the night.

Hope you or your Valentine doesn't mind love being Michelin rated. The intimate dinner (also for takeout) has each dish pairing with a host of appetizers, wines, and decadent desserts for the loving closure.

Sisters Meg and Molly Svec are known for making pies that area seasonal, tasty and oh so fun! For Valentine's Day, treat yourselves to chocolate cream pie with strawberry whip cream.

Stan's Donuts & Coffee 

Made from scratch donuts delivery comes with a cute pink van serving pink doughnuts and pink hot cocoa! 

Stephanie Izard has rebooted her West Loop bakery with whacky and unusual flavor combos, like a chocolate pie with shoestring potatoes, French silk and pecan and cupcakes that taste like pancakes. Get decadent and artistic cupcakes, cakes, or simply indulgent giant heart cookies with "Be Mine" etched in them, like they are on our hearts.

Vanille in Lincoln Park offers authentic French pastries, desserts, and cakes by chef Sophie Evanoff. While they have an array of pastries, macarons, cakes and more all year round, the fun, 3D and whimsical designs of the hearty Valentine's cakes are a winner all the way to the heart.

Marshmallows in all sorts of flavors for dunking into hot chocolate, desserts, or eating them by themselves! Brandied cherries, rich dark chocolate, has there ever been a pairing so sweet? Just in time for Valentine's Day.

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