10 Sweet Spots for Love Season in San Francisco

Love is where the heart is... and what better way to sweeten the heart than chocolate, (edible) roses, and more hearts? Support local restaurants, cafes and bars in San Francisco with our shortlist of top spots with Valentine's themed bites.  

James Beard Award for Outstanding Baker Belinda Leong style patisserie that has been slowly growing its empire with higher-end desserts and pastries. Sample their Valentine's specials.

The prettiest and finest chocolates, hand crafted since 2003. Christopher Elbow uses his world travels to find the best ingredients and flavors, making craft chocolate using the very finest cacao from around the world. It is ethically and sustainably sourced from reputable farms that produce the highest-quality beans that possess flavors unique to their country of origin. 24 heart-shaped chocolate hearts are filled with the flavors for Valentine's Day.

Handmade doughnuts as an institution serving up all the festivities. Bring on the glaze with mini heart sprinkles and other flavors for love season.

Who doesn't enjoy a dressed up latte? Seasonal decor like lavender lattes with cute heart cheeks alongside  a signature rainbow swan is their speciality.

Ice creamery with a sexy attitude, and distributed so highly (often with condoms that say #LICKTHAT). Watch for seasonal favorites that are as inventive as they are tasty.

Iconic and pretty bakery serving up scary frosty cupcakes and everything you need for your love day sugar rush. What says I LOVE YOU better than chocolates?

Amidst cupcakes and cakes and frosting and sweet things aplenty, we like the sugar cookies and cupcakes with quirky, fun and sexy sayings along with love season frills to match.

A must try liquid nitrogen ice cream in fun flavors by Robyn Sue Fisher who has a history of pioneering both in the women's space and ice cream arena. A must for the LOVE SEASON. 

Home of the original mochi muffin in an array of various colors and flavors. Get your loved one a delicious box of Mochi Muffins or seasonally pink treats.

A Thai, Korean and Japanese fusion of decadent, authentic and Instagrammable non-alcoholic drinks, desserts and savory bites, this is your one stop for all the color you can imagine eating in a lifetime. Amongst many date-night bites, get the very very pink and very very tasty Double Fromage Lychee Cheesecake.

SF Valentines
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