11 Sweet Spots for the Holidays in Los Angeles

 Holidays in LA make everyone envious, with sparkling sunshine and palm trees dressed in glittering ornaments. The holiday season is in full swing, and after shopping, treat yourself, your hosts, your friends, your guests and your loved ones with our favorite picks in Los Angeles!

Fresh Donuts Since 1982! A family owned donut shop that's been providing delicious, fluffy donuts for the community, including seasonal favorites. 

Holiday status? It's caffeinated. It's always latte season at the printed latte hotspot of all time. Holiday season notwithstanding some artistic prints, and there are so, so many more all year round.

Fun fact: cookies weigh 48 grams (that’s 1¾ oz) because the weigh each and every dough ball. The most indulgent cookies of LA! Using the best ingredients like Callebaut & Van Leer, Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, AA sweet creamery butter. Our pick? The outrageously tasty candy cane.

Unicorns eat pizza, who knew? Plus this staple of slices of California favorites even has Christmas tree shaped pizza that's edible and hell tasty.

A family feel, 24 hour cafe serving homestyle doughnuts, coffees and desserts, often with a surprisingly inventive and colorful flair! 

Chimney cakes are a crispy cylinder-shaped tower of dough loaded with the most decadent fillings and toppings, a traditional Hungarian food that is now available in sumptuous flavors and fillings in LA! Choose from cake glaze flavors like mocha sugar, coconut, cinnamon sugar and strawberry sugar alongside fillings of cookie butter, peanut butter or Nutella, optionally with ice cream up top for a bonus! 

Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies and bars inspired by the bohemian modern esthetic of Silver Lake. Plus, family owned and operated! What's Christmas without the yule log? It is covered with chocolate mousse and adorable decorations.

A neon sign proclaiming "You Can Sip With Us" invites you to a haven of seasonally tasty lattes, including one with Cinnamon toast crunch, and a signature turmeric latte. Come indulge for coffee, community and vibes, and a seasonal special like White Chocolate Peppermint Latte.

Pitchoun! is a fine French bakery, pastry store & restaurant, in DTLA.  Fresh artisan breads and home-made pastries & cakes are a staple, alongside meals that are home-made daily from scratch, using house-made starter levain and organic or local ingredients, with traditional French recipes.

Porto's Bakery
Family owned bakery & café in Southern California which even delivers nationwide. Seasonal favorite include the gingerbread cookies and delightful (and pretty) pastries.

What's the secret? POTATO flour donuts. Can't go wrong with their mermaids, unicorns, and many mystical creatures... or simply a taste of the holidays!

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