10 Sumptuous Chinese Eateries in New York

Lunar New Year brings with it health, prosperity, wellness, and a whole lot of celebration of Chinese Food, so prevalent in New York and beyond. The Lunar New Year is celebrated across several Asian countries and cultures, but food is key to the festivities, with noodles representing longevity, dumplings epitomizing wealth, and more! Here are our 10 favorites in New York.

Bibble and Sip
The cute cafe in midtown by Gary Chan has rabbit and lunar new year shaped cakes, a variety of macaroons and cakes in Asian flavors of red bean, almond, tangerine, yuzu and strawberry milk, and decorates them to bring on the festivity. 

Cafe China
The Sichuan restaurant and Michelin Star hotspot is anything but hoity and pretentious, it serves up the freshest of dishes in a homely atmosphere. The new location serves up inventive and comforting dishes like Shanghai eel Wuxi style, dumplings in chili oil, dan dan noodles, and a host of China inspired cocktails.

Chinese Tuxedo
The high end Chinese hotspot serves up an all day banquet for new year, with modern spins on Chinese favorites: Taiwanese three-cup dressing and caviar, duck and kohlrabi noodles.and roast pig with pickled turnips with shiitake jus.

Hunan Slurp Shop
Indulge in tasty delicacies of China including tofu in chili oil, smoked sausage with peas and mushroom, and sesame tang yuan (rice balls).

Hutong New York
The high end Chinese food hotspot has a spaceship looking dining room with dumplings, a flaming Peking duck for Instagram and TikTok, prawn rolls and other works of plated art. 


The unique pairing of a Japanese-Italian menu. Brunch is a favorite, with sticky rice arancini or matcha mochi stuffed french toast. 

Madame Vo
Noodles symbolize longevity, and Jimmy Ly and Yen Vo pay homage with a noodle bowl that constitutes of duck confit, garlic, spices and vermicelli in house-made fish sauce, along with seasonally laudable liquor. 

MáLà Project
A staple multi location staple in New York, with a signature hot pot: Dry wok fried dish with a mala sauce made from 24 medicinal herbs and spices.

Fast casual and tasty flavors by Chef Connie Chung serve everything from bowls to family style options. Favorites include Milu’s Everything Spice short ribs, sesame noodles and blood orange buns.

South Asian favorites blended with the hot favorite Indian Chinese cuisine by chef and owner Salil Mehta. Think Penang fish, roti canai, and stir fried rice noodles.

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