Cool, Curated and Customized

The growing list of our regularly contributing influencers ensures that all venues are vetted and updated in real time so that you are in spots that are always thriving. Meet them!

Alexa, Psychiatrist and Shopping Sale Business Owner, New York
Alexa is a doctor by day, but developed a curious passion for finding the newest hot spots in New York through her vicarious nightlife. With a sample sale shopping business, mingling with bloggers and fashionistas (and treating them for psychiatry by day!) helped her discover her favorite new rooftops and matcha bars. Her pick? Pondicherri for saucy bites and lattes.

Jameson, Model and Fitness Instructor, Los Angeles / New York
Jameson is a New York based model and has to keep his fitness game a priority despite his vibrant nightlife of traversing through the nightclubs and soaring rooftops of West Hollywood. A former New Yorker, he challenges his body through a variety of workouts that have propelled him to discovering more of these in every city he is in. His pick? Row House, because check out those clavicles.

Anusha, Doctor and Food Business Owner, New York
As an owner and sourcer for her own turmeric and matcha company, Anusha finds it impossible to pass a day without checking off a spot from her ever growing list of cafes and cozy bars in New York. With a vegan by choice dietary plan, her discoveries are often new, and tucked into unexplored nooks of Lower East Side and East Village. Her pick? Gem, the name speaks for itself.

Lillian, Art History Writer and Fashion Editor, Chicago / New York
Lillian has a curious preference for finding the diamond in the rough. She will opt for a curious speakeasy and a quieter dinner over a loud fiesta. Her career allows her to mingle with her clients for work and produce elaborate experiences with a host of venues. Plus, a museum a week for rediscovering history is not a bad way to spend daytimes. Her pick? Sparrow for its unquestionably quirky interior.

Christine, Pilates Instructor and Food Critic, San Francisco
Christine is a compulsive foodie who will abandon a party just to dig her fork into her favorite Asian food haunt, and prefers the unchartered territories in her travels. A particular knack for superfood ingredients, a distinct penchant for fatty tuna and freshly brewed milk tea, her choices define atypicality. Her Pick? Asha Tea House to combat windy San Francisco days.

Sam, Travel, Fashion, and Food Editor, Los Angeles / New York
Sam traverses the world of fashionistas who love to party, balancing it with the space of proverbially picky food critics who don’t give a damn about style. The juxtaposition of sashaying through a glittering rooftop is balanced with him found immediately slurping down a curiously curated cocktail with a mountain of chocolate. As a luxury hotel reviewer, his ever changing bedroom pics are built for travelholics. His pick? While We Were Young, because Peter Pan exists.

Kelsey, Healthcare Practitioner and Food Hunter, Chicago
Whoever said those night shifts were not fueled by impeccable food and drink tastes was mistaken. For when Kelsey is not helping her patients, she explores the windy city with an eye for cheesy deep dish pizza and the best cup of coffee to keep her alert during her night shifts. A non alcoholic and non invasive rendition of what nightlife alternatives can satiate hungry night owls. Her pick? Cafe Jumping Bean for its inventive coffee drinks.

Miles, Mixologist and Actor, New York
Miles discovered a penchant for mixology when working with cocktail programs across New York City and feels no shame in mixing asparagus with vodka, or a quail egg into a tequila. As an actor by profession, he works his charm to urge drinkers to try the most outrageous of drinks in his many hot venues of the city that never sleeps. His Pick? Employees Only, get ready to be intoxicated.

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