6 of the Best Things to do off the Strip in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its glittering hotels and luscious restaurants and bars on the strip. Not to mention, the stupor of the gambling scene amidst seasonal art and floral decos and gambling dens. But for those who venture to Vegas multiple times, there is plenty to do off the strip. Here are 6 top choices that cover it all from recreation to culinary finds.

Red Rock Canyon

A scenic 13 mile drive which is only a half hour outside of Vegas, this is one of the most beautiful mountainous peaks in Nevada. A group of mountains ranging from the reddest of reds to treacherous hiking cliffs, this is the breath of nature that you need when in glass and concrete Sin City. You can choose a day to hike, or a half day to simply drive through the outposts.

Container Park

Vegas' answer to Brooklyn is here! An outdoor open air shopping center filled with boutique shops, seriously unique restaurants and bars, and seasonal live entertainment. Made of almost all recyclable metal with unique art sculptures, it has enough for kids with interactive playgrounds and tree houses, as well as quirky bars for adults.

The Mob Museum

Ever wondered how Vegas came to be? A sparkling glitterarti of money, entertainment and architecture in the center of a desert? A bold view on the crime's impact of Vegas, the museum has three floors of interesting exhibits and real stories of the events in Mob History. With interactive exhibits, this one is entertaining as well as informative.

Springs Preserves

Nobody would believe that there are botanical gardens in a desert. But with this collection of fauna and flora from the Vegas Valley, you'll be sure to know what can actually survive in desert heat.  All 180 acres of this attraction has a beautiful botanical garden, museums, events, exhibits and more.

First Friday Las Vegas

Most head to Vegas for work and play, and in either scenario Friday is always on the calendar. If its the First Friday of the month, check out the art exhibits in Downtown Vegas. Featuring a main ART WALK centered in the arts district, galleries and other art showing take place for many blocks, including separate FREMONT activities in the historic district itself.

Fremont Street

While many have heard of the iconic Fremont street, complete with a five block entertainment district, some adventure aspirants say its a bit too commercialized. But compared to the Strip, it still offers a light show, relatively inexpensive drinks, gambling dens and a plethora of fun people watching with some Vegas locals.

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