6 Cool Things You May Not Know about Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a favorite escape from life’s mundane. With beaches overlooking oceans, celebrity spotting, yummy bites and weather that mandates sunglasses, these 17 islands sprawling on the Biscayne Bay are often called America’s Riviera. Here are some interesting factoids this icon in the Southern tip of the continent.

Formerly a coconut grove plantation infested with mosquitos, and even a swampland prior to that, Miami is one of those rare manmade islands in the US. It used to be an Indian Trading post on the Miami river before its transformation into tourism.

Buried Treasures
Several treasure trail tours exist in Miami. It is said that pirates like Blackbeard truly did leave sunken treasure behind, and a lot of it has actually been found.

Bordered by National Parks
Geographically, Miami Beach is bordered by the Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park, making it the only city with two parks as its neighbors. Make sure to appreciate the fauna and flora and wildlife in these, for they too enjoy the pristine beaches close by.

Largest Shipping Port in the World
Whether it’s for trade or for cruising, Miami has the largest port in the world, and for a good reason.

The Birthplace of Suntan Lotion
Benjamin Green invented suntan lotion in 1944 in Miami Beach. Is that, ironic, coincidental or strategic?

Art Deco Capital
Many tour the art deco district in Miami, but few know that there are more than 800 such buildings on this tiny piece of land. This is by far the largest collection of this type of architecture in the world.

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