A Timeless Brunch at Miami's 24 Hour Neighborhood Eatery

Sundays are a day for the quintessential question that is best asked to the squirming-to-by-anonymous Saturday night: did you wake up to the sunrise or stay awake until it? 
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The one thing that gets me up on Sundays is the yearning for a quality meal: brunch. A meal that transforms routined and rehearsed meals into a spectacle. 

And time brings you to News Cafe, a 24 hour sidewalk cafe newsstand and bookstore on the iconic Ocean Drive. This one too, catered to the intelligentsia via embodying newspapers, magazines, and books as a focal point for community building. And I admire places that can accomplish that without descending into ordinary.
news cafe south beach miami @sssourabh
Apparently the place was found in 1988, with hopes to play jazz and classical with simple food while showcasing national and international publications. And now, it serves as a popular, people-watching brunch spot owing to its prime location, and a slumber for the night when Miami begins to get the better of your sensibility. Hence, the word timeless comes to mind.
news cafe south beach miami @sssourabh
And so I started with a Miami rendition of my brunch coffee favorite: a cappuccino with skim milk, which I didn't even need to ask for given that it was South Beach. Only, I got it iced, to barrier myself against the sun that was slowly reaching its boiling point.
news cafe south beach miami @sssourabh
I went surprisingly simple and hitched my stomach with a balanced protein and carbohydrate kick to start the day: sunny side up cage free eggs, baked potato hash and homemade whole wheat toast. The eggs were fresh, the bread was crusty, and the potatoes were chubby enough to fall in love with.
news cafe south beach miami @sssourabh
And of course, despite being in the land of the chiselled, where sugar is frowned upon like an omen, I still got dessert. I singled out the signature salted caramel cake, owing to my penchant for the trending combo, despite its kitsch translation into mainstream.

news cafe south beach miami @sssourabh

It arrived looking like sumptuous eye candy, in perfect Charlotte's Web poetry symmetry, which mandated excessive photography. Thankfully, the caramel was heavily salted, both interlaced in the cake as well as swirled in hypnotic swirls, with fresh strawberries wobbling like uncomfortable sidekicks in a movie. Not my favorite berry, but a refreshing break from the rich flavors of the cake it self, which married the fresh, homemade sponginess merrily with the relatively new age salted caramel.
news cafe south beach miami @sssourabh
While my nutritionist would probably not be happy with my balance owing to the detour with dessert, I was content with my morning, and poised to explore all that South Beach Miami had to offer.
By day. On a lazy Sunday. On a fully belly.

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