Where is the Best Matcha Latte in America?

Matcha is the kale of the drink world. With a ground green tea feeling that can be sprinkled on foods, blended with dessert, placed into cocktails and a plethora of other treats, the zen of having the perfect cup of matcha latte has driven cafes wild with embracing the trend. Here are a handful of our favorites.

Urrth Cafe, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
A staple people-spotting spot across Los Angeles, the Beverly Hills location is the oldest and most iconic in the Urrth Cafe magnet. All menus have matcha offered like an espresso shot: straight up, which is quite potent. Other favorites include blended with bananas for a morning jolt, with traditional coffee, or with condensed milk for a sleepytime dessert.

Urrth Cafe, Beverly Hills
Shuhari Matcha Cafe, Venice Beach, Los Angeles
Walk into history with this blend of historical Japanese traditions with modern LA sensibilities. With authentic matcha in every cup, including dessert options, Shuhari Matcha Cafe lives up to its name, which can be broken down into: SHU (to savor centuris of tradition), HA (to shake things up and break the rules) and RI (to achieve independence and a new sense of creativity).

Shuhari Matcha Cafe, Los Angeles
Cha Cha Matcha, New York
While matcha purists may argue of style over substance, Cha Cha Matcha is one sexy outpost, with a pink and green theme flourishing over its decor and its seasonal drinks and foods, like a peppermint matcha latte for winter! Their signature drinks and designs are made for Instagram too.

Cha Cha Matcha, New York
Chalait, New York
With a specialty of all sorts of teas, it is no surprise that there are seven to eight forms of matcha offered at this tiny storefront, now expanding across New York City. You can even sip Matcha as an Americano or a cortado at Chalait.

Chalait, New York
Ippodo Tea, New York
All the way from Kyoto, Ippodo is a traditional matcha bar even reverts to having matcha slushies over summer. You can pick between a thin and thicker rendition to suit your craving.

Samovar, San Francisco 
Known as the place for high tea with food pairings, Samovar has grown locally within San Francisco, focusing on its contemporary Asian menu. Take your pick between a matcha shake or a bowl for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Teance, Berkeley, San Francisco 
Teance is a tasting room and retail storefront in Berkeley California, right next to San Francisco. The matcha is from Uji based Koyamean and you can watch the servers whisk it to give you fresh tea. The space is large to accommodate wanderings and sippings from artisanal tea farmers in China, Taiwan, India and Japan. 

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