A Millennial Traveller: How to Pack Effortlessly

The process of packing is one of the most annoying ones when it comes to travelling somewhere. What should you pack? Will it be enough? What if you need more clothes? What if the weather forecast was wrong? Believe it or not, the whole packing process can be done in under an hour, which will definitely save time for you, to do the things you like. So, if you’re a millennial, going somewhere and have problems packing, take a look at this list, and we promise everything will be much easier:

Make a packing list

The most crucial part of the packing process is actually making a list of all the necessities you’ll be needing. Write down every single thing, no matter how irrelevant it is. Start your list with the essentials: passport, money, boarding pass. Continue with all the things that would be difficult for you to purchase there such as chargers, your phone, (and laptop if you’re taking it with you), tablet. If you plan on taking snacks with you or bottles of water, put those on the list as well. Don’t forget the bathroom essentials, such as a toothbrush or beauty products. As for clothes, you should make a sub-list, writing down everything you will be taking with you – underwear and socks, trousers, shirts. That way, you’ll make sure you don’t forget anything if you start preparing the list a couple of days prior to your packing, so that you can add anything you had forgotten.


Once you make the packing list, take every single thing from it and lay it on the bed or floor. Create piles for t-shirts, trousers, underwear, bathroom essentials and so on. This serves as a second chance not to forget anything. One of the biggest mistakes, however, is taking clothes that we will never wear on our trip. In order to avoid this, try to plan out your outfit for every day of your stay in another country. Have a couple of extra t-shirts or pants in your suitcase for unplanned circumstances. Also, you’ll probably go shopping at least once on your trip and probably buy a t-shirt or a pair of pants you like, and you’ll definitely want to debut them on the trip.

Roll, don’t fold

When you roll your clothes, you both save space in your suitcase and your clothes from wrinkling. However, some clothes cannot be rolled, so make sure to fold them nicely and place them as the first layer in your suitcase. All of the shirts, t-shirts, or dresses that can be rolled, place them on top of the first layer to save space. If you roll them appropriately (starting from the bottom and slowly rolling the clothes up to the top), you’ll be able to play clothes Tetris in your suitcase. Talking about packing not being fun? To conclude, fold all your bottoms – shorts and trousers, and place them on top of the rolled clothes.

Know what to pack

Some of the necessities that we need but often forget about are the simple things, some of which perhaps we don’t use a lot at home, such as books and sketchbooks. Make sure to have at least one book with you – imagine your mobile runs out of battery and you’re in the airplane boring yourself to death. A sketchbook is a great thing to have in case you have to write something down. Also, think about the weather at the place you’re going to. If you booked a hotel, make sure to pack your trendy bikini, since they probably have a swimming pool or a spa. It doesn’t take up much space, and it might be very handy to have it there. Also, don’t forget about your chargers – you don’t know how important they are until you forget them or lose them.

Make use of every corner

After finishing, make sure that every corner is used. Corners are great for underwear and especially socks, since they can fit anywhere. If you’re a girl, take the corners and fill them with bras – they match the outline. Be cautious not to overstuff your suitcase, since you don’t know if you will be buying new clothes on your trip. All of the extra pockets and areas of your suitcase can be used for the things that might be difficult to pack in the suitcase – such as sneakers (it would be great if you put them in a separate area – both because of the space and the smell), bags or hats.   See that it’s not that difficult and complicated to pack. It’s not a painful process if you know these tips and tricks. The last tip would be to always have a carry-on bag with a couple of clothing items, just in case. That way, you could save space from the actual suitcase for other things. Good luck with packing, and have fun on your trip!

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