Everything You Need to Know About New York's Mixology

If there’s a single place in the world that is the forerunner in originating trends, or always taking them a step further, it’s the one and only NYC. So, while the rest of the world is still mostly thinks that bartending is no big deal, mixing drinks in New York has evolved to the next level. To be honest, it’s starting to resemble an art form. It’s hard to describe just how vibrant and exciting the New York mixology scene is. But nevertheless, we’ll try. So, sit comfy, pour yourself a drink, and join us on our quest for the best mixology experiences in the city that never sleeps.

Try molecular with Alchemiq

Surprisingly, our first entry is not a bar, but a catering service. Their mouthwatering delicacies are paired perfectly with exceptional drinks for a truly transcendent experience. Using only the highest quality ingredients, the artists from Alchemiq can mix up whatever you want. Actually, they can even create things you never knew you wanted. If you’re a lover of classic cocktails, they’ve got you covered. But we’d recommend going a more exciting route – try some of their bespoke cocktails and seasonal drinks. And if you’re a true adventurer at heart, you definitely shouldn’t miss a molecular mixology experience.

Jazz it up at Little Branch

This packed underground bar is one of NYC’s favorite mixology haunts. Part of the reason is, of course, their exquisite drinks. And another huge part is the live jazz and blues bands that play there regularly. The place itself is decorated in Prohibition-era style and gives off a true speakeasy vibe. Don’t be fooled by the laid-back atmosphere though. The staff here know their stuff. Every cocktail is mixed to perfection and will have you coming back for more.

Feel better at Apotheke

Something ails you? Stop by at Apotheke and watch your mood get better. This innovative mixology den has an irresistible concept. Decorated as an old-time pharmacy, it serves incredible cocktails masked as prescriptions. Maybe you need something to soothe your pain, something to lift your spirits, or something to relieve stress? Apotheke has it all. Expert mixologists dressed in white coats will take care of you. The place also has live entertainment occasionally – for instance jazz bands, and burlesque shows.

Discover a hidden world at Angel’s Share

It might take some time and effort to find Angel’s Share, but it’s definitely worth it. Located in one of the most genuine areas of NYC, the East Village, this famous mixology bar can be found behind the Japanese restaurant Village Yokocho. Prepare to be surprised once you walk in. This place is all class – from the interior, to the tuxedo-clad bartenders, to the amazing drinks. The bar is seating room only, and, believe it or not, large groups are not allowed. But once you taste their cocktails, you’ll be willing to respect any and all rules they might come up with. Their cocktails are some of the most unique in the city, including unusual ingredients such as grilled pineapple or mascarpone cheese. If you get hungry, fret not. They also serve Japanese snacks.

Learn how to make your own

Of course, becoming a true mixologist takes a sophisticated palate, and plenty of knowledge and experience, but you can at least scratch the surface. After all, mixing drinks sounds like a fun hobby, right? Nowadays, plenty of places in NYC are offering classes where you can try your hand and see if you’ve got what it takes. Sanctuary T Restaurant, for instance, offers a 2-hour class that will teach you how to incorporate tea in your booze (or the other way around). During the course of the class, you get the chance to create (and enjoy) several delicious cocktails, as well as an appetizer. All the while, you will be learning the basics of mixology, for instance how to use the different bartending tools.

Whether you’re normally a cocktail lover or not, the booming New York mixology scene is not to be missed if you find yourself in the city. Leave your preconceived notions behind. Somewhere in New York, there’s sure to be a cocktail that has your name written all over it.

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