6 of the Finest Michelin Star Jewels in Chicago

Chicago, Jewel of the Midwest, is home to some of the finest Michelin Stars in the country. Owing to its proximity of fusing Eastern contemporaries with Southern appetites and Western flair, here are 6 of our favorites that never disappoint, season after season. 


Floral infatuations aside, little did we know it would be the theme of Acadia, a Michelin star recipient and tucked away in South Loop. Like runway ready plates, the dishes foretell a story of McCaskey‘s plates honoring each component, collectively creating a refined rendition where they were all clear, visible and beautiful. 


Blackbird in the West Loop, with a glitter of Michelin Stars is an unobvious escape. An all white space, like a timeless, futuristic space that had won the James Beard Award for Best Restaurant Design and Graphics in 2002. A sharp orange light illuminated faces and minimalistic yet ornate white tabletops alike. Chef Paul Kahan, 2013 James Beard Award Winner, promised soulful Midwestern food. The noted Best Chef of the Midwest 2004 is joined by Chef de Cuisine Perry Hendrix and pasty Chef Dana Cree, who banked on juxtaposition with dessert flavors and textures. More modern in approach and fusion, this one is for experimentalists and experts in gastronomy.


Aptly named Grace, it retrospectively lived up to the elegance of its name and awakened my taste buds. Worthy of its triple Michelin stars, one for each eyeball that inevitably tumbled onto the floors in salacious surprise. Other notable credits include accolades by ForbesChicago MagazineEater and AAA’s Five Diamond Rating. Headed by Chef Curtis Duffy, formerly chef de cuisine at Alinea and from Ohio, the motto, like many other restaurants, was to put fresh ingredients to the forefront and employ techniques of cooking and gastronomy to enhance flavor. Pick from the flora or fauna menu, and the rest is art on a plate.


There is something so alluring about familiar vintage glam. Sepia, tucked in the West Loop of Chicago, with Art Noveau floors and vintage portraits on walls from bygone eras of this culinary city, make it seem like a classic movie set. Case in point,over sized chandeliers and red velvet draperies. Chef Andrew Zimmerman’s Michelin star winning American cuisine has also acquired other feathers in its cap, including a James Beard nomination, among other notable triumphs. The dishes have immense flavor and a typical Southern feel to them, making them both tasty and hearty.


Sixteen, located on the sixteenth floor of the Trump Tower , with a floor as the namesake for the venue, it boasts of uninterrupted views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. Bestowed with a double Michelin star, the dining room itself is striking with wine bottles standing like still soldiers saluting an entry, with granite and steel interior design, it is a contemporary structural feat, with a tall ceiling and a Swarowski chandelier that casts bright, crystal light over all the courses. With inventive plating and a plethora of seasonal ingredients, this is a feast for all senses, for the many hours it lasts.


Spiaggia, with feathers like a 2014 James Beard nomination for Outstanding Restaurant in its cap. Chef-partner Tony Mantuano is a recipient of the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef Midwest and the Chicago Tribune’s Good Eating Award, joined by Executive Chef Chris Marchino. Plus the Magnificent Mile dazzle is enough to swoon you into the swanky decor. Slightly more modernist than stonework Milan or earthy Rome, but a thematically black, white and metal finish gave it a refined look. Being the culinary Italian from frequent Italy trips, this one boasts of simpler ingredients and honors their taste, like the evergreen tomato, and hosts a plethora of desserts to match. 

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