A Vegan Story in Hell's Kitchen, New York

Plant based goodness, who knew it could look and taste so fresh and decadent?

Welcome to PS Kitchen located close to the iconic Hell’s Kitchen string of restaurants and bars, this vegan restaurant uses a French technique to create artisanal, unique, gourmet and plant based food. Profits are donated 100% to sustainable charitable work locally and overseas, and used to create jobs for those marginalized in New York, more of which can be read here.
Are you born ready?

Ready, Set, Go

P.S. Kitchen burst out of the scene when the Impossible Burger, which is made out of soy, was all the rave. To set itself apart, this establishment serves a vegan burger that is made out of healthier pea protein aptly named as the P.S. Beyond Burger. The Beyond is a home run hit, especially for those craving a taste of meat. 

impossible burger
The Beyond Burger. A deconstructed photo of this doesn't give it any justice. Just try it for yourself!

P.S. No juicy blood comes out of the Beyond Burger.

The common ingredients, such as the maitake and seitan, on their lunch menu give off vibes of an Asian restaurant, but these are what makes vegan restaurants tasty and great. The maitake is a type of mushroom commonly found in Japan and provides a full-bodied, meaty texture when chewed on, while seitan is synonymous for wheat gluten.

maitake bao
Maitake steam bao. This bao might not have the crispiness of a fried chicken bao, but it has cancer-fighting mushrooms that are dosed with flavorful kimchi, onions and radish. Simple but so delectable. 
vegan in NYC
All around the table. Who knew that vegan sandwiches can be so delectable. A favorite among the entire meal is the Maple Roasted Honeynut Squash Sandwich (on bottom left corner) that is slathered with almond herbed ricotta, pesto and sherry vinaigrette.
This salad might not look as foodtogenic as it seems, but it is not called the Greek Goddess salad for nothing. What makes this bed of kale and arugula special are the crunchy, candied nuts and apples, and herb dressing topped with pickled vegetables. Sweet and savory combined. 

Cocktails and Desserts for a Cause

A perfect lunch pick-me-up will not be complete without carefully, crafted cocktails and desserts. The cocktails menu are doused with intriguing ingredients, such as kalamansi (Filipino lime) and Korean chili. The Thymeless cocktail surely didn't disappoint. Infused with pomegranate juice and lime, it is the perfect palette cleanser after a round of Truffle fries, sandwiches, burgers and baos.

Ater a cup of matcha latte carefully steamed with soy milk, the deconstructed strawberry shortcake will put a big smile on anyone's face.

The name "Thymeless" captured diner's attention and thirsty glands. Gin, pomegranate juice, apple cider, lime, pink peppercorn with fresh thyme. 
french fries
One cannot go wrong with truffle fries. Photobombed with The Bengal cocktail - noir rum, mango, assam and Jasmine tea, turmeric, orange and Korean chili.
The strawberry shortcake came surprisingly 'deconstructed', but the punch of fresh strawberries was a good way to end the meal at P.S. Kitchen.
With the emergence of plant based restaurants in both New York and Los Angeles, it is thrilled that these match the taste and social responsibility quotient, too!

Disclaimer: The Dot & Pin influencer dream team received a complimentary tasting at P.S. Kitchen in exchange for an honest review.

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