3 Historic and Luxury Hotels in San Francisco

“Architecture is just the art we live in.”

The Clift

Inspired by the classic hotels of the 20th Century, The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel is one of a kind, with surprising touches in the luminescent crevices of every turn. Starting with prosecco mornings in mirror clad rooms to views of the topography of Union Square and Tenderloin, the hotel is testament that you cannot say party without saying art. Most apparent is the impeccable furniture collection, akin to an Alice in Wonderland syled other world where things are more topsy turvy than meet the eye! Renovated interiors by Philippe Starck and a furniture collection by Ray and Charles Eames, furniture by Salvador Dali and other notable pieces, the purple of the walls was an ode to Karl the Fog of San Francisco, with a precisely matching hue, and that the orange of the tables in the rooms was the exact color of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Fairmont

Perched atop Nob Hill San Francisco is the Fairmont San Francisco, a remarkable structure with enough history, views and a glittering host of lifestyle that is rather unmatched. With a history of having survived the great earthquake but not the great fire of San Francisco, the epic structure was rebuilt and now stands in history as a place that the affluent resided in after the city was devastated, and many presidents, celebrities and others graced for years thereafter. The rooms offered cityscape views. Underrated as a rooftop city with seldom any to find, what with even more conical hoops and slopes, and massive bridges and oceanic views that are often hurdled with clouds.

The St Regis

While staying at the St Regis San Francisco, it is lusciously surrounded by panoramic views, a relaxing pool and luxurious comforts that came with it, the radiant elegance and understated nature reflected the city itself well. One which was not pretentious by frilly luxuries, but put effort into meaningful things and craftsmanship.

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