6 Things to Do Offline with Your Smartphone When Traveling

Turning off your phone can feel like losing a part of your body at times. Which even includes putting it on airplane mode when on one of those frequent trips. And for those not inclined for the hit-or-miss wifi signals on planes which often come with silly price tags, there are several ways to be productive on a plane, sans wifi.  

Here are our top 5. And yours?

1.     Simply organize your phone

You know how it is: there are apps you download and never use, or the ones that are embedded in a category which you use more often. Without the distraction of going into apps, it is easy to delete redundant ones, and organize frequently used one into home screens or apt categories like fitness, photo, travel, etc.

2.     Organize (and edit) your photos

The accidental selfie, the bursts of 5-10 pictures each, the multiple shots with friends in order to get a perfect one, and the autosaved pictures in albums like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and more… the list is endless.  You can also organize photos into folders, and edit them while you are at it. Adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. is easy, and a few easy photo editing apps like Snapseed can do the rest.

3.     Create music playlists

Enough of streaming or listening to songs in random orders. You can organize your playlists to customize them for workouts, moodswings, running, partying or romantic nights. For Spotify Premium, over 3000 songs can be available offline.

4.     Draft social media posts

Instagram enables you to save posts as drafts, and tweets on Twitter or Facebook Page posts can do the same, albeit not in the abundance of Instagram. Even Snapchat allows you take snaps (or retrieve memory items) of your plane – say your first class meal! – and post them as a ‘failed post’ which can be refreshed upon landing to post. So in many ways, posting ahead of time saves you time.

5.     Listen to Podcasts

If the plane selection of movies are not your scene, podcasts can be downloaded ahead of time and listened to on the plane. New to the podcast world? Try Serial or StuffYou Should Know.

6.     Learn a language (including coding)

Many language learning softwares are available offline when downloaded ahead of time, or can be saved as a PDF for referencing. Learning a new language can help career progress too, or help you impress a date! The alternative is to learn coding, and free references like W3Schools or Code Academy can be used. These can be useful for fixing up a site or having a broader knowledge on the exponentially growing tech world.

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