8 Places to Eat Rainbows for World Pride NYC

World Pride celebrates 50 years of Stonewall with a celebration in NYC. While many will be celebrating through a plethora of events, here are 8 spots to eat tasty rainbow themed foods in your downtime!

Taiyaki NYC
Home of inventive, flavorful and funky ice cream and taiyaki waffles, a slice of taste and history from Eastern Asia. Taiyaki is a Japanese style fish shaped cake, which is the base of the ice cream! Get the unicorn float, with a mini unicorn!

Stuffed Ice Cream
Home of the 'cruff': A perfectly toasted, glazed doughnut stuffed with your ice cream flavor and toppings of choice. The cruffs are a staple to try, but for those who want them minus the doughnuts, try the flavorful (and colorful) ice creams, like the rainbow collection.

Ahead of its times, a colorful, rainbow soaked, glittery CBD cafe serving CBD infused lattes with more milks than people, accompanied by desserts and seasonal art. Any of the teas and drinks are made of a variety of buzz word but quirky ingredients, which results in an Instagrammable, tasty drink!

Adulting is hard, so this spot makes us go back to childhood when cereal is all we ate. Desserts and caked themed around desserts, this is an adult playground. The soft serve ice creams with a plethora of colorful loops are a favorite!

Step into an Asian, contemporary all-in-one dessert, ice cream bar and cafe that also sells the best Korean skincare loot. Try the rainbow mini roll cake and a variety of naturally colorful iced teas.

The bagel that broke the internet, who would have thought? Rainbow themed doughnuts with flavor cream cheeses and a line to match! Try the original rainbow bagel - you're Instagram and taste buds will thank you!

Think unicorns, cake, dreams, glitter, rainbows, ice-cream, sprinkles, cotton candy, sparkles and more - all in dessert format! We swear by the joy of the candy filled cakes! Slice one open and burst in laughter - or go for a cake push pop if you're in a hurry.

Ube, purple yam, macapuno coconut, black sesame and hong kong milk tea - not just funky buzz words but flavors of ice cream and frozen yoghurts! The Broadway Swerve Special has rainbow fruity pebbles throughout its ube ice cream. 

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