4 Favorite Unicorn Foods of Los Angeles

Unicorns are in season, because it's an era of magic. Whether you are a believer of magic, or secretly own a unicorn, or are a fan of rainbows, or are celebrating Pride, here are 4 spots you have to try in Los Angeles.

Chomp Eater and Juice Bar
Craving a hearty but healthy bite? Look no further than this beachy perch serving fresh juices and tasty bites to the surf crowd. Our favorite inventive peek? The rainbow unicorn-esque grilled cheese sandwich. No jokes!

DK's Donuts and Bakery
A family feel, 24 hour cafe serving homestyle doughnuts, coffees and desserts, often with a surprisingly inventive and colorful flair! Try their rainbow doughnut for fun.

Caked LA
Handmade with happiness and home to a signature unicorn cake and milkshake. Try both, and take the larger cake home for an indulgent surprise.

The Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker 
With a peculiarly hysterical name, this place has it all for breakfast through an early dinner: Californian cuisines with European influences, baked goods, specialty coffee, craft cocktails and delicious bites. Try their signature rainbow burst latte, customized per person!

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