5 LA Restaurants transform into Retail... and How!

Amidst an unprecedented situation that has impacted the hospitality and culinary industry quite severely, many restaurants have transformed themselves into retail spaces selling pantry and home essentials, thereby bringing in new customers while serving loyalists continually. For a list of our favorite takeout/delivery spots, check this out!

The Butcher's Daughter
The Venice vegan hotspot has transformed into a "Butcher's Bodega" and offers fresh produce, signature pantry items, luscious greens and smoothies and essential nutrient packed jars, and even hand crafted bathing products! Contribute to their campaign here.

The fine dining hotspot has an impressive takeout menu, but also serves vacuum-sealed meats to go with pantry staples like sauces, Italian pasta or pizza sauces, soups, preserves, fresh produce, and pastas! Cooking at home was never more fun.

The Beverly Hills favorite has transformed into Maude's Marketplace with fresh groceries, produce, soups and salads and oven-fresh meals like Italian pastas and lasagnes, caneles and a plethora of baked treats.

Porridge and Puffs
The cute spot of Beverly Boulevard is a Provisions Shop and marketplace offering meal kits, self care products like face scrubs, lip balms and even fresh cut flowers to freshen up the day! We love the entire combination, complete with jams and condiments and handmade goods.

Tesse has been converted into a provisions market to sell fresh produce, breads, meets, beer and wine. Our favorite is their 'grandpa's cough medicine' - a bourbon cocktail in a bottle! :)

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