5 NYC Restaurants Switching to Bodegas, Relief Centers and More

While the culinary industry has faced a tough blow as a leisure outlet, it has also been quick to pivot into other business models that converts the pleasure of dining into a necessity during COVID19. Here is how a few restaurants have transformed into a new mode of business that engages loyal customers, brings in new ones and helps local communities. For a pick of our takeout/delivery favorites in NYC, check this out!

Avant Garden
Aside from having a healthy plant based menu for takeout/delivery, Avant Garden offers free hot meals for those in need during business hours at the pickup window. Their menu offers dishes from sister restaurants Mother of Pearl and Night Music. Contribute to their campaign here.

The Butcher's Daughter
The vegan hotspot has transformed into a "Butcher's Bodega" and offers fresh produce, signature pantry items, luscious greens and smoothies and essential nutrient packed jars, and even hand crafted bathing products! Contribute to their campaign here.

da Toscano
The neighborhood Italian spot is doing more than just selling wine and cocktails at retail prices - they have quarts of sauce and daily homemade pasta for a fresh feel that can be recreated at home. Like the good old days. Contribute to their campaign here.

In partnership with @makersmark and @leeinitiative @chefedwardlee, Gertie has been converted into a relief center which provides packed dinners and meals and supplies to those who have been adversely affected by COVID19 in the culinary industry, which includes hundreds of hospitality workers. They are also selling FLAN X Gertie tees here which will contribute to the longevity of this cause.

Similarly, in partnership with @makersmark and @leeinitiative @chefedwardlee, Olmsted has been converted into a relief center for the hundreds of hospitality workers who are unable to work during COVID19. Contribute to their campaign here

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