6 NYC Cocktails To Go, Because Every Hour is Happy Hour!

Give that wine rack a rest as you prepare to steam up your homes with cocktails to go! In face of COVID19 NYC restaurants an bars are giving back to frontline workers via takeout/delivery and converting to bodegas or relief centers. Cocktails to go are the newest fad that hits the sweet spot... and how!

Hell's Kitchen hotspot known for its Mexican flare and strong tequilas now delivers cocktails in a variety of sizes... from let's-sip to omg-we're-drunk. Our pick: Jalapeño Margarita.

Angel's Share
The hidden nook with sparkling gems and strong cocktails comes to life with to-go cocktails, perfectly curated with inventive mixology that whisks you back into the speakeasy. Our pick: Bewitched (did you say truffle infused whiskey?)

Dante NYC
With accolades aplenty (World's Best Bars #1 amongst many), on-the-go comes in signature iced latte style cups which gives cocktail-eering a merry vibe. Our pick: Moscow Mule (on tap, imagine!).

Extra Virgin
Virgin oil haven in West Village aside, the curbside morning and evening pickup of everything from cocktails to coffee is a bonus, giving it a neighborly homey feel. Our pick: Grand Bloody Mary.

Patent Pending
Nomad's intimate bar has had it's patent granted! Well, at least cocktails are legal to-go. With a diabolical menu of inventive liquors and combinations, the choices are relentlessly good. Our pick: The 'Twain. 

The Smith
Did you know that the smith is derivative of a maker skilled in happiness? Cocktails to go will deliver on that promise, for sure. Our pick: Cucumber Loco.

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