6 Meal Kits and Family Meals to Cozy Up in Chicago

Meal kits were always a rage, and with COVID19, Chicago, the city that blends contemporary with Southern has plenty of restaurants for takeout and delivery. But some even prepare family meals and meal kits, which lets inner chefs rejoice chez nous.

Celebrated Michelin Star hotspot by Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas has meals for 2-8 to go, which need to be pre-ordered for pickup days in advance, similar to their exclusive restaurant reservation list. A 3 star Michelin experience at home includes heavy-duty riches like coq au vin, short ribs and desserts aplenty.

Dimo's Pizza
From the city of deep dish and the alternative pizzaverse come home kits to go. Make an entire pie at home and get that fresh-out-of-the-oven taste, backed up by their stellar ingredients and funky combos. Plus, lasagnes and other Italian favorites to toss into the oven for company!

Girl & The Goat
With the staple goat in every name, Stephanie Izard has started up goat-ceries. With meal kits for weekdays, weekends and holiday weekends, alongside pantry staples, there are a variety of funky favorites and more, like The Little Goat Went to Korea Chicken Wings, Grilled Gotham Greens, and so much more fun for parties of 2-8!

Heritage Restaurant + Caviar Bar
Family meals for 4 include hand made breads, silverware, napkins and a full home experience. With changing menus that include whole roasted chicken, veggie pot pie, halibut, roast ribeye and so much more, reheating a meal prep could never be more satisfying.

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya
Touted as one of the hottest ramen spots in the city, the meal kits include vacuum sealed ingredients to mix into the noodles and broths which are part of an all encompassing package that is authentic, tasty, and easy to steam up at home. Slurp away.

Maple & Ash
Dinner for 4 from one of Chicago's luxe steakhouses comes with their signature steak sauce, filet mignon, a host of sides and a bottle of wine! Recreate the bustling atmosphere at home with the perfect meal to go from the city that combines contemporary with hearty.

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