12 Flavorful Black Owned Restaurants in Chicago

"The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King Jr.

In an effort to drive welfare to minority communities, particularly during COVID19, the economic turmoil and particularly after, we have compiled a list of 12 tasty black owned restaurants in Chicago.  

Batter and Berries
Brunch all day? Yass! An eclectic breakfast, lunch and brunch restaurant with a world famous French Toast Flight!

Ethiopian Diamond
Executive Chef & Owner, Almaz Yigizaw, where Almaz means diamond in Amharic) has traditional Ethiopian dishes in a welcoming, comfortable, and hip and inviting cultural setting.

Frontier Chicago
With food inspired by nature's finest, it is cooked in ingenious and tasty ways by James Beard Award semifinalist chef Brian Jupiter, and pays tribute to what those adventurers ate and hunted on the trail.

Ina Mae Tavern
Ina Mae Tavern & Packaged Goods is a tribute to the New Orleans cuisine that Executive Chef Brian Jupiter grew up cooking. He has always believed that Southern comfort food is a true art form.

Garifuna Flava
A taste of Belize and the flavorful Caribbean, check out the tastes of Garifuna life and culture with Garifuna Flava owner Rhodel Castillo, who also happens to be a musician.

The Long Room
A frontrunner in the Chicago craft beer scene, this massive tavern has a bar, cozy booths, intimate back room with vintage photobooth and a tranquil, spacious fully enclosed beer gardenl, and tasty bites, food truck style, from The Biscuit Man.

Luella's Southern Kitchen
Chef and owner Darnell Reed named this Southern food haven after his great grandmother Luella Funches who moved to Chicago from Mississipi and brought the love of Southern food to town, like shrimp & grits, hearty macaroni & cheese, and more.

Majani Soulful Vegan Cuisine
Majani Restaurant serves tasty plant-based cuisine, and vegan offerings with fresh ingredients from local gardens and farms. Fun fact: Chef Nasya & Tsadakeeyah have a combined of 30+ years as vegan chefs, and Majani is Swahili for 'green'.

A boutique restaurant inspired by the first line in Biggie Small’s legendary hip-hop single “Juicy”: “It was all a dream…”. With some of the best creole-infused soul food delights, this is a cultural and tasteful melting pot.

Taste 222
An upscale, chic and comfortable space with food art on plates with cocktails from state-of-the-art kitchens and mixology to match.  Chef Jonathan Trubow leads our culinary team throw inventive twists on American classics for a fun time.

TeaPotBrew Bakery
Freshly baked goods that are prepared daily, which means they are guaranteed to run out! If anything is leftover, it is donated to a local shelter so that each day starts of with the scent of freshly baked desserts, breads and more.

In Ahmaric, Tesfa means “Hope.” The family owned spot serves fresh, healthy, authentic Ethiopian food like sambusa, gomen, shiro, yetimatim and more.

Black Owned Chicago
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