12 Soulful Black Owned Restaurants in New York

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King Jr.

In an effort to drive welfare to minority communities, particularly during COVID19, the economic turmoil and particularly after, we have compiled a list of 12 delicious and soulful black owned restaurants in New York. 

Brooklyn Chop House
With delectable dim sum and chops and dumplings in a variety of flavors like Pastrami, Bacon Cheeseburger and Philly Cheesesteak, to French Onion Soup, Impossible and Gyro! Plus, it serves takeout cocktails!

Café Rue Dix
A French and Senegalese cafe, restaurant, and bar which serve tasty traditional Senegalese cuisine alongside classic French cafe fare. And that too, in charming Brooklyn!

An urban cozy hotspot built from a love of chocolate! Don't miss their red velvet pancakes and seasonal soul food specials.

The Crabby Shack
Known as "The Home of The Clobster Roll" and the home of all things crab, the crabs are steamed daily and served alongside the Crabby Shack Beer Sauce, a local's favorite.

Obsessed with rice culture? This is the spot. Chef JJ Johnson formed Fieldtrip as a community-based dining experience that celebrates rice culture with a variety of dishes based on it. All rice is freshly milled, unbleached and not enriched.

Lolo's Seafood Shack
Chef Raymond Mohan and Leticia Skai Young create the unison of Cape Cod and the Caribbean. Locally Owned and Locally Operated (hence LoLo), the duo has island styled barbecue and comfort foods of Cape Cod to Johnny cakes of the Caribbean.

Peaches HotHouse
Peaches HotHouse is an urban “country cafe” that reminds you of the fun of Nashville, with shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, Nashville style hot chicken, and a Southern vibe to dance for! 

Safari Restaurant
Authentic Somali cuisine which is an amalgamation of inspirations from Italy, India, and Arab countries to a melting pot in East Africa. People like the sambuza, a flaky dough filled with meats, or the mango curry.

Seasoned Vegan
A vegan soul food favorite by Chef Brenda Beener, serving hearty wholesome favorites with fresh, healthy vegan ingredients and homestyle recipes.

Sylvia's Restaurant
Popularly touted as 'The Queen of Soul Food', it was founded in 1962 by Sylvia Woods, in 1962 and has since become a community favorite in Harlem, also known as the world's kitchen owing to its global inspired soul food. 

A frontrunner in African superfoods and inspired by traditional African home cooking, the menu highlights ancient, nutrient-dense crops from Africa. Ethiopian-brewed coffee, Senegalese black eyed pea stew or spicy Ghanaian plantains, they are all here in tasty home style.

Tsion Cafe
A speakeasy style restaurant and home away from home with Ethiopian and Mediterranean inspired cuisines, South African wine tastings, fair trade Ethiopian coffees and teas, live music, art previews, film screenings and more.

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