Grill and Chill with 10 Favorite Burgers of Los Angeles

We can't be sad when we live in a world of burgers :)

According to Newsweek, Californians love their burgers more than anything all year round! From the city that has the world famous In-N-Out, here are 10 burger favorites in Los Angeles that will work for a picnic, barbecue, date or jamming with the friends and fam. Because in la-la-land, it's summer-all-year weather.

The Apple Pan
All for that old time nostalgia. The interiors of counter seating and served by gruff old men, this spot is a throwback to 1947, the era when this spot started selling burgers. Get the smoked hickory which comes with strong pickles and crunchy lettuce.

Cassell's Hamburgers
Chef Christian Page' iconic burgers reside here, with all the classics, including vegan options, because it's LA. Our favorite is the brekky burger topped with an egg!

Grill 'Em All
What started as a food truck is now a staple. Grill ‘Em All's motto is more is more, serving up gigantic indulgent burgers complete with fried eggs, deep fried bacon, jalapeno poppers, pulled chicken, pineapples, peanut butter, strawberry jam, and more!

Hiho Cheeseburger
Touted as the only burger restaurant that exclusively serves 100% grass-fed Wagyu, everything is made by hand and fresh. The taste is in the simplicity of the old-school flavors — beef, cheese, and ketchup on a classic white bun.

Hinano Cafe
Burgers by the beach, what could be more classically California than this? This spot is one of the best late night options too, and the burger can even be topped with a hot dog!

Love Hour

What started up as a pop-up and then made it to Smorgasburg, the date-like named hotspot has the smashburger trend going strong with a thin, crispy and cheesey bite that hits the spot.

Monty's Good Burger
Of course a plant based burger cannot be one of the favorites in the city of angels and hot aspirants! This one is made with an Impossible Burger patty, plant based cheese, homemade sauces and served on a Bosch Bakery bun, keeping it fresh and locally sourced.

Petit Trois
Burgers de France? Yes! Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s Big Mec (avec l'accent) is your Instagrammable burger, with double stacked patties with foie gras Bordelasise sauce, and melting goodness of cheddar. It'll make you melt.

Plan Check
Gastronomy with burgers? Of course. The home of Ketchup Leather™makes the signature burger unique, tasty and not at all soggy! Served with their PCB and many other solid choices.

The Oinkster
"Happiness is a warm bun" is the tagline of this fast-casual concept from fine-dining chef Andre Guerrero, with a host of fun varieties like The Cluckster which includes a buttermilk fried chicken breast or the Royale, the classic 1/3 pound burger!

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