12 Pumpkin-y, Cinnamon-y and Spooky Bites for Fall in New York

There's one thing about fall when the scent of cinnamon spice lingers in the air, and the leaves turn orange and pumpkins begin to mushroom in every wonderland. And then, there's also Halloween; when the full moon is shining and the wolves are howling, it's time for the spooky spectacle that is Halloween. In glowing orange, here are 12 drinks and bites that have fall (and a halloween-ish tinge) to them in New York.

Coffee, espresso and pastries! Celebrating fall with the Mid Autumn Festival,  still observed by many Asian countries today celebrating family, friends, unity and togetherness. Matcha red bean ⁣
and milk tea red bean ⁣mooncakes to savor! (For the spooky folks, they also have eyeball macaroons!).

A Red Velvet Frose made with mixed berries, Maison Marcel Rose and Maison Marcel French Velvet red wine, making it the perfect fall addition to their everyday favorites.

Half pound cookies for the win! With cinnamon and coarse sugar⁣ and pumpkin and spices, the PumpkinBOOdle and SugarBOOdles are officially here. 

Restaurant, bar, club and Insta-worthy backdrops and drinks make this spot a Williamsburg staple! Don't miss the hand carved designer pumpkins and watermelons for cocktail servings, many of which can be custom inscribed for celebrations!

Squad Ghouls cakes, check. Witches brew cupcake mousse, yup. Spiderweb cake, totally. Spooky and theatrical cakes from the ever colorful Flour Shop, forever.

Rooftop views and outdoor dining done right, with a private penthouse for private parties too! Fall festive cocktails include an Apple Cider Mule and a Green Tea Old Fashioned. Decadent desserts include the Pumpkin Cheesecake with a fresh-baked graham cracker crust and a Chocolate Covered Apple featuring an almond milk chocolate covered apple with marshmallows, caramel sauce and white chocolate shavings. 

Eggless ice cream made sexy, with a twist on pumpkin spice. "Pumpkin Garam Masala Crumble: we slowly steep Floyd Cardoz Garam Masala legacy blend in our pumpkin ice cream base before folding in a housemade black cardamom graham cracker that add a smoky, complex, earthy crunch." Come indulge!

The pie goes extra with the Pumpkin Pecan Pie BAR. Too pretty to eat, too tasty to skip!

That classic 1950s ring ding comes back to life. Now with pumpkin pie ring dings for a tasty fall treat.

Forget bouquets made of flowers or edible flowers, these ice cream scoops in rainbow colors and flavors will make your day. Find the bewitching witch cone, with a blue waffle cone hat to match!

It’s got pumpkin. It’s got honey graham cracker crust. It’s got cinnamon. It’s got nutmeg.⁣ This is the pumpkin flavored ice cream of your dreams.

The bakery that was established in 1946 is a cookie and treats institution. Get the black and white cookies in seasonal and customizable colors, and a host of spooky sugar cookies to get you into the spirit!

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