8 Strong and Sweet (and Sometimes Spooky!) Treats for Fall in San Francisco

From comforting fall flavors like cinnamon and pumpkin, to outright spooky and creepy saccharine selections, here are 8 things you'll have to try this fall in San Francisco.

1Five is for 15, which celebrates India's freedom from colonial times. Try the De La Muerta punchbowl: with mezcal, Drambuie, coconut, banana, key lime, and activated charcoal. 

Urban creamery and bakery with everything to satiate your sweet tooth. Try the spooky Halloween Ice Cream Sando’s made with two charcoal double chocolate toasted sesame cookies and spooky vanilla ice cream, rolled in orange sprinkles. As well as spooky Vanilla ice cream with a french vanilla base and charcoal powder.

Your staple tap and beer spot with several seasonal drafts and more. Trick or Treat Yo’self specials include a devilishly delicious mystery pour and more seasonal specials on holidays.

Handmade doughnuts as an institution serving up all the scares. With sweet cinnamon and pumpkin as a winner, the La Calavera is magic for the eyes: Mesquite base dough dipped in a midnight black cinnamon-chocolate glaze. Topped with marigold petals and a white sugar skull.⁠

Who doesn't enjoy a dressed up latte? Pumpkin froth and match as a winning combo, plus rainbow editions for pleasing the eye.

Ice creamery with a sexy attitude, and distributed so highly (often with condoms that say #LICKTHAT). Is there anything such as too much pumpkin? Pumpkin 5 Spice ice cream with Chinese Five Spice and SO MUCH pumpkin for a mega festive fall scoop. 

Iconic and pretty bakery serving up scary frosty cupcakes, pumpkin treats with orange glows, and halloween style cookies in tombstones and ghosts. Let's get sweet and spooky!

This sweet dessert shop has a cake with a BOO! so cute that it'll make you miss your boo. Orange and black frosting for the season.

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