5 Dishes to Try at Indian Restaurants in San Francisco

Traditional Indian food with a contemporary twist always leaves the palate with unique flavors that warrant a repeat visit. San Francisco is home to a few Indian restaurants with a progressive menu in mind. Some of which are participating in the ongoing San Francisco Restaurant Week between October 23rd to November 1st.  

Cauliflower Koliwada from Rooh
The Indian-Chinese cauliflower dish is elevated with battered cauliflower florets fried to crispy perfection and served with tamarind sauce and peanut chutney.  

Cauliflower Koliwada
While traditional kofta is made out of ground meat, August 1 Five offers a gluten-free vegetarian version with russet potato and chopped mission figs. They are spiced and fried before adding onto an aromatic yogurt-based sauce. 

Potato and Fig Kofta
Paniyaram from the Campton Place

The traditional batter of Paniyaram, also called as Paddu, is made of black lentils and rice. Campton Place adds a savory punch to this appetizer filling it with pumpkin and coconut chutney.
Paniyaram with Pumpkin and Chutney
Mix two favorite foods from different cuisine, the Indian samosa and Korean kimchi, and you get the kimchi samosa. Stuffed with sour fermented Napa cabbage and served with their house masala, the kimchi samosa is one of Besharam's bestsellers.
Kimchi Samosa
Cooking over a charcoal fire in a tandoor is usually used in meats. Rooh applied the tandoori technique on octopus, presenting it on a bed of malai curry and garnished with colorful radish and edible flowers. Enjoy tender pieces of octopus with a hint of coconut from the curry. 
Tandoori Octopus
Indian Restaurants
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