10 Lucky Bites Over the Rainbow in Chicago

Whether it's March Madness, the start of Spring or St Patricks Day, there is always time for sweet bites in Chicago, where legendary spring weather calls for fun activities - like coloring the river green

Big Fat Cookie

Big.fat.cookies are made in very small batches with the greatest attention to every single detail, hand formed and each dough ball is weighed, individually wrapped, and available in seasonal favorites! Our favorites are the March mint madness or the Lucky Charms colorful giant.

Dip and Sip Donuts
Childhood style doughnuts that are made fresh and daily, with glazes made from scratch. Also serving locally roasted Metropolis Coffees.  Who doesn't want a pot of gold gold coin on their minty doughnut, or a minty hot or cold Shamrock latte?

Do-rite Donuts
Yeast raised donuts at a chef owned spot for small batch donuts, chicken sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, and local coffee. All five open locations shut down when they run out of dough. Our favorites are Buttermilk Old Fashioned, Pistachio-Meyer Lemon and currently, the seasonal green velvet doughnut.

A next gen restaurant and bar with over the top topped hot chocolates and intriguingly made cocktails in whimsical glassware, this is your staple for every holiday. The seasonal favorite is the Lucky Shake, so get ready to sham-rock!

Rock Wrap and Roll
Artistic Sushi, a
uthentic Thai and so many of your Asian favorites in one spot. Veggie lovers can rejoice with the Green Day maki: Sweet potato tempura , broccoli tempura, enoki tempura. But the Kiss Me , I'm Irish special is made with spicy salmon, crispy salmon skin, kanikama, cucumber, unagi sauce. 

The comfort food of pizza, Quad Cities-style pie has a crust made with dark-roasted malt for a slight sweetness. Topped with cheeses and spicy sauces, the pizza is then sliced into strips with scissors, making for a homely, unique, and tasty experience. Besides the pizza, who can deny green beer (with a Jameson shot?)!

Stan's Donuts & Coffee 

Made from scratch donuts delivery comes with a cute pink van serving green doughnuts and green hot cocoa! 

Stephanie Izard has rebooted her West Loop bakery with whacky and unusual flavor combos, like a chocolate pie with shoestring potatoes, French silk and pecan and cupcakes that taste like pancakes. Get decadent and artistic cupcakes, cakes, or simply get a staple cereal inspired cake, colorful as Lucky Charms!

Vanille in Lincoln Park offers authentic French pastries, desserts, and cakes by chef Sophie Evanoff. While they have an array of pastries, macarons, cakes and more all year round, the fun, 3D and whimsical designs ... or simply, the Kiss Me I'm Irish cookies and Lucky Charms stuffed macaroons.

Marshmallows in all sorts of flavors for dunking into hot chocolate, desserts, or eating them by themselves! For March, try the shamrock shaped ones, or our favorite, the pistachio flavored marshmallows.

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