8 Green Treats and Rainbow Sweets in Los Angeles

Celebrate the everything about the Emerald Isle of St Patricks Day, March Madness and Spring with treats and sweets, savory and desserty, in the City of Angels. Because everyone needs green doughnuts through green bagels and beyond in Los Angeles

Waking up every day is just more fun when breakfast includes a unicorn bagel in leprechaun colors! 

Fresh Donuts Since 1982! A family owned donut shop that's been providing delicious, fluffy donuts for the community, including seasonal favorites. 

This beachy perch serving fresh juices and tasty bites to the surf crowd. Who can say no to a cheesey rainbow grilled cheese to prove there is gold at the end of the rainbow? Giving stretches a whole new meaning.
Fun fact: cookies weigh 48 grams (that’s 1¾ oz) because the weigh each and every dough ball. The most indulgent cookies of LA! Using the best ingredients like Callebaut & Van Leer, Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, AA sweet creamery butter. Try the seasonal favorite - like the leprechaun green cookie!

If the cute characters that change all the time don't grab your heart, go for a Lucky Charms macaroon (alongside a squad of Oreo's, enchanted berry and pandan).

Support local with a family owned doughnut shop since 1956, and home to the world famous buttermilk bar. Scout out the seasonal favorites!

What's the secret? POTATO flour donuts. Can't go wrong with their mermaids, unicorns, and many mystical creatures... or simply a green themed doughnut for St Patrick's Day and spring.

100% Organic & Plant-based Soft Serve made from scratch daily. All original flavors, with smoothies & More! Who knew eating seasonal favorite cones could be so fun, in an all nature, non artificial way? Cheers to colors and food art from all natural fruits and ingredients. March's flavor is green with pistachio passion.

Los Angeles
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