12 Delightful and Delicious Vegan Restaurants in New York

Bring on your vegan happiness! Here is a shortlist of New York's favorite vegan hotspots.

Avant Garden

Making vegan stylish is Avant Garden by Chef Andrew D'Ambrosi who serves pine nut ricotta and potato cannelloni, making this a meat-free but hearty collection of dishes. From the owners of Mother of Pearl and Death + Co, this is one fun and finely put together outing.

Fresh, organic and vegan ingredients in a high end setting for New York's haute. The Chelsea spot is a cozier one, while the Columbus circle one has open air dual floors for a vibrant vibe.

Beyond Sushi
Vegan sushi you said? A 100% vegan eatery by Chef Guy Vaknin and his wife Tali offers a tasty and flavorful variety of locally sourced ingredients transformed into decadent sushi.

With beet ketchup and mushroom Caesar salad, Beatnic (formerly by Chloe) is a cute, neon-lit and funkily decorated lunch spot that brings vegan cuisine to a healthy and nutritious snack level. With tasty meals and pops of color in the plating and decor, this is the city's favorite!


Executive Chef Shenarri Freeman has a 100% plant based Southern soul food spot. Icons like a black eyed pea garlic pancake, Southern fried lasagne and maple buttermilk cornbread remind you of the South, while maintaining the healthy and sustainable values.

Dirt Candy
Dirt Candy is the first vegetable focused restaurant in New York by chef Amanda Cohen. The dishes embrace one ingredient and highlight it with exquisite flavors and gorgeous plating. Plus, the restaurant means vegetables - candy from the dirt, get it?

Double Zero
By acclaimed chef Matthew McKenney, the tree nut cheeses and custom wood fire ovens make a nationwide favorite a thrilling, tasty and indulgent experience, especially when paired with organic wines.

A fine dining Korean vegan restaurant, where one must sit on the ground to eat and experience a cultural culinary legacy. Throughout Asia, there is a strong belief in harmony and balance embodied in the principles of yin and yang, or um and yang as it is known in Korean. A healthy diet has um foods such as green vegetables and fruits, and yang foods such as roots, radishes, carrots, and potatoes. 

Vegan Mexican cuisine paired with a playfully curated Tequila and Mezcal program, Mexican beers on tap, Mexican-style lagers and pilsners from local microbreweries, fresh pressed juices, and plant-based street food with options.

A Michelin star vegan is a rare find, and Kajitsu means 'fine day' or 'day of celebration' in Japanese. The Shojin cuisine (a Zen Buddhism vegetarian form of cooking) brings forward a tasting menu of beautiful and flavorful dishes for a special night out.

Ladybird, complete with a cute door and impeccable interiors, is a vegan tapas and wine bar. Cute for dates and catch ups, it is popular for its vegan tapa options like buffalo maitake buns and vegan cheese fondues.

Who won't love a spot called Modern Love? Vegan comfort food made from scratch, with favorites like seitan buffalo wings, cacio e pepe, as well as plant based burgers. Plus, the MLBK Community Cookzine.

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