14 'Not-Your-Ordinary' Scoops of Ice Cream in New York

Life's too fun to eat ordinary ice cream. All 14 are our picks of ice creams that are the funnest of all and made 'not-your-ordinary' by flavor, concept, or simply by turning the ice cream concept upside down :) (Too much? Check our classic favorites in the city)

Albero dei Gelati
Farm fresh gelato at Albero (L’Albero Dei Gelato)! They use ingredients from small farmers and sustainable producers with both sweet and savory gelatos like blueberry apricot, green bean mint... or those feeling funky, eggplant chocolate or yellow pepper!

Big Gay Ice Cream
Soft serve with a side of sass! Founded by Bryan Petroff and Douglas Quint, they have seasonal funk like Cheetos, toasted coconut/curried peanut ice cream, tamarind, a Khanom Pang Ai Tiim Thai-style ice cream sandwich... you get the point. The most popular flavor is the Bea Arthur, a vanilla soft serve physically injected with dulce de leche!

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
For flavor enthusiasts, this is the spot. The historic Chinatown shop is run by the Seid family since 1978. The flavors are ice cream versions of Chinese cuisine, like zen butter: a peanut butter ice cream with toasted sesame seeds which reminds you of sesame noodles. Other Chinese staples make appearances such as lychee, egg tart, black sesame, and red bean.

Creme and Cocoa 
Culturally Caribbean, it's no surprise that in addition to the classics, this Brooklyn spot has the boozy ocean vibes coming through strong. Stormy stout chip, rummy nut punch, bourbon BP cocoa... and it's like an adult bar for the kids hiding inside us!

Ice and Vice
With experimental in it's name, this experimental ice cream shop has home batches of reinvented classics, like Mexican vanilla black lava sea salt, Nilgiri black tea with lemon charcoal caramel, ghost pepper and strawberry mole sauce and smoked dark chocolate with caramelized white chocolate ganache. Science class anyone?

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
With lab in it's name, this is your science class reborn. With flavor creation as a science and recipe development a bible, try some new savory cheese gelatos, or the spicy variation or the ones with whole grains or vegetables! Perroni gelato anyone? The possibilities are endless.

La Newyorkina
Mexican ice, paleta, flavorful ice creams and sweets, all in one roof! With a nostalgic old world charm, the craft of infusing classics into funky new variations of Mexican ingredients is unbeatable. Founded by James Beard nominated chef Fany Gerson.

Malai Ice Cream
Eggless ice cream made with little air marries with the founder Pooja Bavishi's South Asian upbringing. So we have with strongly spiced flavors at a food festival vendor-turned-Cobble Hill parlor. From gulab jamun ice cream sandwiches (groundbreaking!) to masala chai, Turkish coffee, carrot gajar halwa, and hibiscus chaat masala are the mouth-watering options you are guaranteed to not find anywhere else. (Except, at their pints available in select grocery stores thanks to this growing business!)

Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream
Brainchild of the ice cream magician Nick Morgenstern, the science involves a production tactic that decreases butterfat and sugar content and brings the most diabolical flavors to the forefront. Durian fruit, raw milk, Vietnamese coffee, egg custard, black licorice, burnt sage, and so many more.
Oddfellow's Ice Cream Co
It's in the name, and odd means spunky! Creator Sam Mason has the likes of turmeric, miso cherry, black pepper fig, olive oil and more, with self pasteured milk, and serving beers, wines and cider alongside!

Sam's Fried Ice Cream
Fried ice cream, what?! It's a paradox, but a hot fried crust enveloping an ice cold morsel is definitively the coolest thing you've tried.

Stuffed Ice Cream
Stuffed Ice Cream has it all - from the iconic 12-24 scoops of ice cream bouquets that beat floral any day, to the Cruff: a toasted, glazed donut stuffed with ice cream. Pick from breakfast cereal toppings or the funky unicorn poop (aka fruity pebbles with condensed milk).

Sugar Hill Creamery
The spunk is in the neighborhood inspired diverse flavors. Handmade ice cream and non-dairy frozen desserts, the owners’ Caribbean and Midwestern cultures and Central Harlem neighborhood give rise to ice cream like corn jalapeno (OMG!) and Senegalese coffee with selim (Djar) grains and cloves.

Taiyaki NYC
Where unicorns and mermaids unite! Taiyaki has it's iconic fish shaped waffles with quirky and fun Japanese soft swerve flavors emerging from their lips. Seasonally, there will be a unicorn mini float for all the more fun.

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