18 Spots to Island Hop through South America without leaving New York

OLA! Whether its Hispanic Heritage Month or just a day you want to island hop through Latin America, the Caribbean, Mexico and South America, you don't even have to leave New York to do so! Enjoy the journey through our 18 favorites in our city, New York.

Mexico: Hell's Kitchen hotspot known for its Mexican flare and strong tequilas now delivers cocktails in a variety of sizes... from let's-sip to omg-we're-drunk.

Argentina: An authentic cochina Argentina, a charming spot in Lower East Side with beef empanadas, provoleta, and ensalada de endivias and authentic skirt steak (the mollejas and entraña) with chimichurri sauce with plenty of Argentinian Malbec wine to pair with your meal.

Brazil: New York’s first Caipirinha Bar, the spot offers a modern take on the traditional dishes, like Picanha, Moqueca Baiana, and our signature Feijoada. Don't miss the caipirinha flights! 

Brazil: A Brazilian bakery with Brigadeiros, desserts, freshly baked pão de queijo and coffee. But we are here for those lovable chocolate balls, almost like decadent chocolate truffles in many, many flavors.

MexicoSweeping views of New York with Mexican bites served by Chef Saul Montiel and a climate-controlled retractable glass rooftop.

Puerto Rico: This neighborhood Puerto Rican eatery has been open since 1976 by Adela Fargas, who passed away in 2018 with her family running her legacy. Must have items include the mofongo (fried crushed plantains made with garlic and pork crackling) and authentic tostones.

Venezuela: Created by Ivo Diaz, The Nomad and Eleven Madison Park mixologist, and Chef Isbelis Diaz. Casa Ora is a family owned and operated Venezuelan-American restaurant, which offers farm-to-table plates and fine dining with modern cocktails in East Williamsburg.  

Colombia: Taking authentic arepas to the next level are mashups like the Australian-inspired “Down Under” with avocado and peri peri saucem the American “Yankee” with ribs and coleslaw, and Asian “Mr. Chang” with crispy chicken and Korean BBQ sauce. Check it out in midtown New York!

MexicoAuthentic Mexican flavors and dishes meet funky gastronomy by chef and founder Alex Stupak. Get ready for a large tequila (and margarita!) selection and several tacos to pick from. 

Paraguay: Sandwiches and grilled meats and more in recipes influenced by indigenous Guaraní peoples. With mbeju, a cheese-stuffed flatbread made of manioc dough, the flavors are all earthy from the mountains of Paraguay. Get the vori vori a corn dumpling often used in broths and soups. Unusual sandwiches and grilled meats also abound.

MexicoSavory favorites of Mexico along with desserts aplenty like Mexican ice, paleta, flavorful ice creams and sweets, all in one roof! With a nostalgic old world charm, the craft of infusing classics into funky new variations of Mexican ingredients is unbeatable. Founded by James Beard nominated chef Fany Gerson.

Caribbean Islands: Chef Raymond Mohan and Leticia Skai Young create the unison of Cape Cod and the Caribbean. Locally Owned and Locally Operated (hence LoLo), the duo has island styled barbecue and comfort foods of Cape Cod to Johnny cakes of the Caribbean. Further, award wining Chef Raymond Mohan has teamed up with Eric Brown to cook up a multi-course price-fixe dining experience.
Colombia: A nostalgia filled Colombian bakery with home style desserts like cakes, raspas (snow cones), cookies, coffee, and Colombian empanadas, as well as savory variations with fresh veggies and meats. 

Cuba: This cute Brooklyn spot has Cuban sandwiches and empanadas aplenty. There's also picadillo, roast pork, and roast chicken in a bowl, and a side egg dish which will resonate with many: “I’m broke bitch,” with three crisp sunny side up eggs with chicken flavored rice.  

Dominican RepublicAuthentic Dominican Food since 1986, the atmosphere transports you to an old port in La Hispaniola. Serving homestyle comfort food from the region, with recycled furniture and materials that shows a conscious effort towards sustainability.

Spain: The only outpost from South America, but for a good reason! Established in 1941, proud to be NewYork's oldest Spaniard located in the heart Greenwich Village. Get some crunchy croquetas, a tasty tortilla, and a paella in a charming old-world tavern. 

BrazilTAP stands for Tapioca crepe, Açaí, Pão de queijo, some of Brazil’s most traditional foods. With a laidback beachside vibe transporting you to Rio de Janeiro, it serves savory and sweet tapioca crepes, with the favroites being a chicken crepe with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, and the pão de queijo.

CubaCuban food & family owned in NYC since 1963, this is a luxurious Cuban restaurant with the layout of 1950s nightclubs. Jazz and tropical murals are the backdrop for empanadas, croquettes, yuca and so much more.

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