Occu-Pied with these 10 Pies from New York

Excuse me, we are occu-PIED :).

Pies aren't just limited to classic New York pizza! An American classic, baked fruit and dessert pies are a year round favorite, and Newsweek says they are a summer favorite dessert. Here are 10 pies in New York that'll sweeten up any holiday.

Abu's Bakery
The navy bean pie at this Bed-Stuy favorite is essentially mashed beans topped with Middle Eastern spices, paying homage to it's roots. Other favorites include pecan and coconut custard, all of which are decadent.

The Blue Stove
A pie focused favorite where the owners make pies in small batches, accompanied with snacks and coffee for those who wish to indulge further.

What started off as a pie place is an all American classic. By hand, from scratch, seasonal, local, fresh, American food with seasonal berry pies worth indulging in, bite by bite.

Our cookie favorite, this cute spot serves the Mixed Berry Pie-filled Cupcake, a mini take on a pie that is equally yummy. Filled with fresh berry filling and a hidden dollop of frosting, it is topped with a fresh pie crust circle.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds
Handmade home style pies by sisters who have also released a book of uncommon pie recipes! From salty honey to bittersweet chocolate pecan and matcha custard, these are classic pies with a twist that make them inseparably indulgent, day after day!

Little Pie Company
This Hell’s Kitchen bakery serves up all sorts of pies, seasonal and classics, with the apple pie being a favorite, available in sugar free variations too. For those who can't pick, try the sampler!

Petee's Café
The cute cafe has a cyclic variety of great pies by the slice, all made with fresh ingredients. Fun fact, the owner was born in a pie-making family, too!

Pies 'n' Thighs
Williamsburg’s favorite spot for American home food with fried chicken, baked goods and an award winning apple pie (as well as award winning doughnuts!).

The red, white and blue seasonal themed cheesecakes might be a spinoff from pies, but they are damn delicious, and equally pretty to look at!

William Greenburg Desserts
The bakery that was established in 1946 has a legacy of delicious and finely crafted desserts, including the classic series of pies for holiday seasons.

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