10 Classic (and Historic) Pizzas of Chicago

Unless you're pizza, we can live without you! A city known for its pizza scene, there is an overwhelming array of classic pies from tavern style to deep dish to pick from in Chicago. It even makes for a great takeout, frozen storage or immediately satisfying meal. 

Burt Katz’s famous pan pies with caramelized crusts are home to Chicagoland's finest pizza. Read about the fascinating history of how Burt and pizza became friends (as he isn't a chef, but you would never guess based on the tasty pizza!).

Made in a literal coalfire of an 800-degree coal-fired oven, the blistery pizza slices are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. With variations of having vodka sauce and lasagne on pizza, the high quality toppings make for a solid takeout, dining out, or after hours chow down.

Serving iconic pizza since 1963. And with good reason, given it's legacy of creating deep dish, thin crust, stuffed crust, and its signature pizzas.

One of the originals of deep dish, Lou Malnati's is an institution in Chicago's culinary history. Signature Lou pies are filled with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and garlic on a chunky, steaming buttercrust. Try their original Lincolnwood location for a snippet of history. 

7 decades in the making! The thin crust pizzas can be made chunky for the city with two pieces of dough rolled together! Stuffed with the likes of shrimp, beef or anchovy, this is your midwestern hospitality at it's finest. 

Home of the famous caramelized crust! These pies are loaded with sausage or beef or spinach for those channeling Popeye, and boy is that charred, chewy caramelized crust so, so heavenly!

Perfected over generations! Award-winning New Haven style thin-crust pizza at this hot spot. From house brews to crispy pies, there's a lot to choose from to dine in/out or takeout! Pick a pizza style (red, white, barbecue, etc.) and start piling on toppings to savor and believe why Chicago is home to the classics of pizza. 

An all day wood-fired bagel-and-pizza spot serves up a casual, low key mood with the most tasty pies. On some nights, they are 2 for $22! Try the classic combinations or the ones topped with mozzarella holding it all together. 

La vera pizza, the tradition continues with authentic Neapolitan pizza in Chicago. Thin crust pies pay an homage to Italy with a dash of olive oil and fresh quality Italian sausages or prosciutto... and of course, arugula. 

90+ years of thin crust pizza and Italian dining is a sure winner! Some of the best extra thin crust pies are topped with cheeses, meats, and seafoods, and served in a cute spot with neon signs with a pint of Old Style to transport you back in time to classic hospitality. 

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