11 Classic Ice Cream Scoops to Savor in New York

Scooping up the coolest ice cream in New York... before the city freezes over in winter! From organic to classic to vegan to fruity to simply delicious, they're all here. 

Ample Hills Creamery
A New York classic, Owners Jackie Cuscuna and Brian Smith have made-from-scratch custard base with local eggs and dairy, mixed in with the likes of candy, snacks and pantry staples aplenty like  potato chips, pretzels, Ritz crackers, M&Ms... you get it. Pure fun.

Blossom Ice Cream
The hand-rolled ice cream with vegan hand-rolled options too! Try classic flavors like cookie butter or key lime pie or the more flavor forward renditions like matcha green bean or birthday cake!

Blue Marble Ice Cream
This is New York City’s only Certified Organic, GMO-free ice cream. Classic flavors are handcrafted and sourced with immaculate detail, so that you'll taste the truest, purest vanilla.

Brooklyn Farmacy
This soda fountain in Carroll Gardens has your childhood favorite sundaes gone adult! Pretzel rods, massive dessert bowls, velvety ice creams, ice cream cookie sandwiches and the classic sundaes from your childhoods, reborn.

Chloe's Fruit
Chloe’s keeps no secrets and uses three simple ingredients: fresh fruit, water and cane sugar. As such, having your daily portion of fruit could never be more fun!

Davey's Ice Cream
This spot will take you back to your childhood as you slurp away on pistachio and nutella flavored scoops of ice cream alongside sundaes, milkshakes and pies. Ah, to be a kid forever.

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream
Michael “Mikey” Cole is one of the first pop culture-inspired ice cream shops. Ice Ice Mikey? Yup. Pink Floyd? Oh Yes. Fun fact: an ex-con who sold marijuana, Mikey got into the business after a homemade vanilla ice cream recipe made it big. That's true Southern flavors and hospitality for you with the delicious vanilla X 3!

MO Gelato
When Italy arrives in New York. Mo’s rich, creamy, classic gelatos come in an array of classic and twist flavors from the master gelato-maker in Italy.

Soft Swerve

Classic with twists aplenty! Soft Swerve is best known for the sprinkling on swirls of soft serve ice cream, usually in bright colors and flavors. Try them all!

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream 
Flavors might not get wild but they are deep, indulgent, and especially the vegan and newer oat milk-based ice creams, with the former in coconut base.

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab
With lab and science at its forefront, this is a minority and women-owned, award-winning hotspot. The first plant-based and indulgent oat milk soft serve, that alone merits how its take on the classics can taste so, so, so delicious!

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