10 Slices of 'Not-Your-Ordinary' Pizza in Chicago

Wanna piz-za me? Cure the cravings with cheeses and tomatoes on pizza alright... but how about fennel, pistachio, vegan, pizza pot pie or Brooklyn inspired? An elevated list that departs from the classics list with wild creativity in the home city of pizza, Chicago.  

Treating it like an art, and Voted Chicago’s #1 Deep Dish Pizza, the whiff of herby, golden brown crust is topped with Wisconsin cheese and tasty tomato sauce. Where it get's quirky is to have it stuffed as a pan pie or in combinations with a variety of meats! 

Ships nationwide, and pronounced bahn-chi. Made by craftsman Gabriele Bonci, this Roman-style pizza al taglio is sold by weight! For those indulging guiltlessly, it is baked in rectangular trays and as an authentic focaccia crust with an array of seasonally changing topping that will make you crave for more. 

A unique dining experience featuring the one of a kind pizza pot pie! Get ready for a pizza performance with these pizza pot pies that are made grounds up in ramekin and baked with the crust on top. When brought table side, the pie is turned upside down and the fillings slide into the bread bowl, which acts as a golden crispy crust. The favorite part is the lava of sauce and melting cheese!

There's eccentric specials and there's fusion foods, but our heart is set on one particular mac and cheese pizza, the original found only here. There's other wheels and games of pies that you can go wild over... in house or takeout! 

Guess what, there is a thing called VPN-certification which is given to places that follow the strict regulations on making Neapolitan pizzas!  Savor the thin crusts with fresh ingredients that pay a tribute to Italy... and don't miss the dessert pizza topped with Nutella and bananas!

Come home homie! The electrifying menu is just too much fun with pizzas named like cocktails, divided into curious sections like The Chickens (with blackened chicken served on Mr Sanchez and The Mercernery) or the Meats (with Alo Hot packing in jalapenos and pineapples)... plus a lot more fun and a neon sign to match.

Nella Grassano serves up some authentic and incredibly tasty Neapolitan pies from a blazing 900-degree. The result is a balanced char and chew, which is topped with a variety of classic and spunky options, like Organica with mushrooms and arugula, Pescatore with calamari, shrimp, mussels and clams, or the Bombe (stuffed) varieties, like Vesuvio, exploding with prosciutto, spicy salami, cheeses, mushrooms, sauce and basil!

Exported from Brooklyn with Neapolitan-inspired offerings has vegan options and gigantic ice cream sandwiches. But it's their funky flavors that make the day, with options like Hellboy with mozzarella, Mike's Hot honey, Berkshire soppressata piccante, and a host of Italian cheeses and tomatoes. Also popular are the Detroit-style Logan Squares, your densest rectangular cuboids of heaven with a caramelized crust.

Thin-crust pizzas aside, check out these gourmet pies with a delectable char and a host of inventive combinations and high end ingredients. Think pizza with  duck prosciutto, whipped goat cheese and chorizo, dates and brussels sprouts, braised fennel with fennel salami and honey... and so much more!

The comfort food of pizza, Quad Cities-style pie has a crust made with dark-roasted malt for a slight sweetness. Topped with cheeses and spicy sauces, the pizza is then sliced into strips with scissors, making for a homely, unique, and tasty experience. Plus, almost all toppings are topped by melting mozzarella for a delicious finish. 

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